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  1. mark c


    http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=174700 BOOM! rubjonny FTMFW!!!!!
  2. well im going to be starting this tomorrow so anyone else want to add anything?
  3. I reciently had a problem with my kr engine which has resulted in me needing to replace it. I have bought another 16v but its an 1988 model and mine was 90's spec. The only difference that I can see so far is the airbox being smaller. What I wanted to know what do I need to look out for when swapping them over. Do I keep the larger airbox and meetering head, or the smaller one. Change over the ecu?? What do I replace on the engine apart from, oil, cambelt, water pump, clutch, possibly selector rods and bushes and add wiring for use of vdo gauges in the future. I know im asking loads of questions but im sure other people have done this before and its my first engine change so I do need some advice. Thanks Mark.
  4. mark c

    KR engine help

    i am right in thinking that for me to go ABF or 9a that i would need my head to be ok and then bolt that on top of the bigger bottom end?
  5. mark c

    KR engine help

    Wont i need a replacement KR head for a simple straight swap and to keep it on factory K-Jet managment? i would consider 9a or ABF but for ease im thinking KR
  6. mark c

    KR engine help

    But the pulley for the timing belt has worn out the grove that it sits in and moves under load, thus my problem so at least it will need a crankshaft, so it would be cheeper quicker to replace the whole lot and investigate if they have made contact another time. And the cranking sounds like normal, no strange noises
  7. mark c

    KR engine help

    The engine wont run but that could be because of the pulley making the timing off, but i wont take the risk so it a replacement engine i reckon. So anyone know of a good cheep KR engine for a simple straight swap? Thanks Guys
  8. mark c

    KR engine help

    Hello People just after some advice and answers to some questions. I took my 1990 Mk2 Golf 16v into a garage with a valve timing problem and it turns out that the pulley on the crankshaft has been fiddled with in the past and has worn out the channel it sits in, so my timing has gone to hell. I was wondering in a KR engine could the pistons have hit the valves at all? (im not sure if it’s the type that the can never touch in any position) Could I get the bottom end rebuilt? Or even just a replacement crankshaft? Or is it just a case of wacking a replacement engine in there? Mark.
  9. On a 1990s mk2 golf with central electrics, what is the position of the relay? is it in position 12 and what relay should be in there? thanks mark.
  10. mark c

    MK2 Electric Windows ..

    Except mine! so i had to fit them
  11. mark c

    HID's light only one side, MK2

    the only way to be sure is to get a multi-meter, set it to ohms lowest scale x1 or x2 find the ends of each length of wire and check the resistance, short sections of thickish wire should have a very minimal resistance of only a few ohms, if you get any high readings from one wire or wires than that could be the cause. If you have an insulation resistance tester then you can use that, but thats a pro bit of kit for electricians! so not many people have one! Mark. p.s. Failing all this check ebay for HID's as they are only 50ish quid, and you can get good kits for that money
  12. mark c

    HID's light only one side, MK2

    how do you know the wires are ok?
  13. mark c

    HID's light only one side, MK2

    The long side never lights up. And you have changed the bulbs and ballasts over, then there is a wiring connection problem. As the HID's need 1000's+ volts to start up so any problem with the wiring could cause them only to flicker and not start. Contact the supplier if they are new for a refund/ swap dont mess with the wiring on the other side of the ballast as i said no one wants 1000+ volts through them. Sorry i cant be more help.
  14. mark c

    HID's light only one side, MK2

    ohh and to rule out bad wiring and to know that both bulbs and ballasts are work as they should run the straight off of the battery, just watch out for polarity. Then you know that when the get 12v they work and you can work back from there, ie. wiring switches relays fuses etc. Mark