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  1. DavisDUB

    Stepping up wheels (20 Bolt)

    Morning all, Been on the hunt for step up barrels and lips for my Compomotive CX600 for a while now and have hit a few dead ends. I'm hoping to set up from 16 to 17. Anyone know if there's anything out there? Cheers
  2. DavisDUB

    supercharged mk3 golf

    man that's nice, haven't missed my mk3 highline in years but this has resparked mk3 love!
  3. Top work, will keep an eye on this Floyd poster in the ARB shot
  4. DavisDUB

    95' Mk3 Golf Gti8v Progress

    Awesome! Hiding all those wires and cables has transformed the bay. Top job.
  5. DavisDUB

    Newbee - MK5 Golf R32 DPB

    CH-R's set it off a treat. Real nice matey, welcome along.
  6. Haven't seen this thread for a long time, glad to see it progressing Really like the colour too
  7. DavisDUB

    Mk1 build

    Tidy work! Going to be following this Love the choice of wheels too.
  8. DavisDUB

    RS6 plus # 126

    Seven hundred and fifty seven.. Goes alright then? Simply awesome, what an upgrade
  9. DavisDUB

    Nutters MK4 R32

    You've done that right. That's perfection.
  10. DavisDUB

    Such a lack of knowledge it's embarassing

    Got a Fli Active sub that's been sat in my garage for 3 years Once the new head unit arrives from Santa I'll hook it up
  11. DavisDUB

    White Golf mk2 project

    Cracking work so far she's looking very clean! I'd ditch the rear lights for standard ones though, and drop lower her like you mentioned earlier. Top work
  12. DavisDUB

    Such a lack of knowledge it's embarassing

    After a loooong conversation with car audio direct i've gone for woofers in the door, tweeters in the dash and kept the pioneers for the rear. Thanks for all the help.
  13. DavisDUB

    Such a lack of knowledge it's embarassing

    Couldn't resist.. Swapped the Alpines for these - http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/jl-audio-tr350cxi.html