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  1. scott-mk3

    rip off painter

    Seems alot initially but when its broken down and thought about you start to realize its not as bad. I was in the same boat. Car was goin in for warranty on the two front wings and i said id pay the extra to do the bonnet n bumper at the same time and i was quoted £520. Thought it was alot but its at an approved vw bodyshop which meant id have a come back and still continue my 12 year corrosion warranty if anything was to happen. Thankfuly i managed to get it down a bit but im still paying 400. I cant grumble as im getting 2 new wings and a full front end paint job from it now.
  2. scott-mk3

    20V MK2

    ABF box bolts up no bother man. Thats what my mate was going to use in his conversion. Can use the same seat conversion kit for the clutch cable as well. Looked into it all when i was going to 20v the old rado man.
  3. scott-mk3

    6N2 Pedal Box

    Should be able to pick one up fairly cheap on ebay man. Can fit it yourself depending how competant you are but yeh id say labour would be more than the part if you want a garage to do it.
  4. scott-mk3

    Redders NEW ride.... Full rebuild.

    Brutal man! Must of got some right wheel wobble off the state of that. Looks awesome with them new wheels on it too. First time iv seen it with them on mate. I had a claim with a council up this way man and it took 2 months for them to pay out. Got £1200 from them but was not easy at all. Nearly every 2nd day i had to be following it up on the phone and by letter. Had pics of damage to my wheel and also pics of the pot hole. Had to have a invoice for the new parts/work to repair it too.
  5. scott-mk3

    Sean's VR6...

    Love this! Always seen it in your sig but never looked into your build thread. Seats look the boy! So much better with the plastics black again.
  6. scott-mk3

    Project storm

    Love CH's on a mk3. Had them on mine and if i have another ill want to get them again lol! Gives yours a totally differnt look.
  7. scott-mk3

    My black vr6

    Yeah i felt no rear seats was bit too much as well. Lol have some more fun with it before you decide to part with it. The now iv got a polo 6n2 and a corrado storm but never been happy since sold my Golf. Sold it for the yellow corrado in my sig then sold that few months back now. Storms just a bit of a project,even though its still a vr its just not the same as the golf lol. Selling them both to go back to a mk3 vr6.
  8. scott-mk3

    My black vr6

    Looking good man, didnt know you were on here aswell as vr6oc. Id stick with the rear seats in, i tried the stripped out way when had my cage n that in mine but thought was better with the seats in. Lucky youve not got headrests though as i had to remove mine lol. Not up for selling it?
  9. scott-mk3

    R Dirty Too golf

    Love that! Wheels look minted on it aswell! No what you mean about the momo,get so used to it and going to to standard is like usuing a bus wheel lol
  10. scott-mk3

    Power steering pump

    Will have a look for you next time im down where all my parts are
  11. scott-mk3

    Power steering pump

    They both run differnt pulleys. Would imagin putting the right pulley on a gti one it may but for the hastle can pick up a vr6 powersteering pump with pulley for not alot. Think i might have one kicking about.
  12. scott-mk3

    amateur painting thread

    Was 2k paint we used. Solid colour. No laquer on it so sadly will fade later but enough paint on it so work with if it needs brought back up. Spent about 5 days on the finishing though to make it look its best. Lots of wet sanding and compounding really.
  13. scott-mk3

    amateur painting thread

    Me and one of my mates done my old rado in his garage. No pro's etc but couldnt of asked for better job. Really went to town on it though.
  14. scott-mk3

    2.8 vr6 need more power

    Good filter like BMC and system with a decat and 6 brancher does no too bad. Little bit more you could put on a rado 2.9 inlet and throttlebody but not major change there. Then your into cams charger or turbo really.
  15. scott-mk3

    Ideas For My New VR6.....

    Have to agree with above, reading through the add put me off just with the way its described. May not be alot of money at 750 but could get a standard colour highline needing a little work for not much more and ALOT less miles on it. Colour is very in your face aswell but that might be what you liked about it. Seems the colour stands out but the rest of the car looks pretty apart from a set of wheels.