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  2. Mcblow

    Rns315 DAB

    I have absolutely no knowledge, but wouldn't DAB need a different aerial?
  3. Any links to these cheap ebay lances? preferably the good ones
  4. I wish i had the time, money, space, skills, sheer talent........i actually want to cry
  5. Mcblow

    Audi A6 Build

    2 Years WOW!!! I have bought a car back before, but it was only a matter of months later
  6. Mcblow

    Mk4 Golf battery problem.

    It could also be that the battery is knackered, how old is it? The alarm will be using power, if its not used often can you hook up a trickle charger?
  7. Mcblow

    Tornado red 8v mk2 GTI

    Side repeaters and a tad lower, agree with above comments, great find
  8. Mcblow

    Elsecar At The Races 2018

    Went to this, was much bigger than i expected, will be added to my calendar from now on, hopefully get my mk2 in next year
  9. Mcblow

    Mk2 Golf GTI (1.8 20Valve Turbo project)

    Not sure if this is what he used but they have some on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK2-GOLF-Headlight-wiring-loom-upgrade-Mk1-2-Golf-WC941W000/362001154235?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  10. What was the bumper dye you used? was it forever black or something else?
  11. At £16 id be buying one anyway, i bought one of those copy one's a few years ago when i had issues with a door on my Leon, worked absolutely fine, just remember to disconnect battery before changing
  12. Mcblow

    Muggers mk2 jetta coupe

    Looking better already, will you be keeping same colour?
  13. Im sure someone has already called their van that, albeit with half the power of this one
  14. Mcblow

    S3 8p or mk5 ed30 ?

  15. Im not sure if he should be banned from owning dogs or cars!!! Top work
  16. Mcblow

    Audi B7 cruise retro-fit Leicester

    Not yet mate, I have the parts now but still need fitting and coding
  17. I have recently bought a 2006 B7, the car doesn't have cruise control but i obviously would like to have it, i know there are numerous places that offer this service, but £200 makes it an expensive job, i am happy to pay someone but am looking to get the parts myself and just looking for someone to fit and code, this is about an hours work from what I've heard, if there its anyone local to Leicester looking to earn a few extra beer tokens get in touch
  18. Mcblow

    Recommend me a single din headunit

    In my last few cars i have just bought these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KENWOOD-CAR-CD-USB-RADIO-STEREO-TUNER-HEAD-UNIT-PLAYER-iPOD-iPHONE-AUX-INPUT-/351847160335?hash=item51ebb99a0f:g:028AAOSwzaJX4W1h maybe not as good as an Alpine, but this one lights up green so should match the mk2 dash, CD/radio and AUX connection, they also do a DAB version for a little more, i have had the red light ones for my leon and golf, never had a problem with them, and cheap enough not to worry about
  19. Mcblow

    Wheel Lacquer Peel Issue

    Just completely strip them and repaint the black once polished
  20. Mcblow

    Audi 80 Cab

    Got to admit that is rather lovely
  21. Mcblow

    Bbs lenso

    Some are, some aren't, you obviously know there is a difference, and what the difference is, so you should easily be able to tell, either by looking or feeling
  22. Mcblow

    Bbs lenso

    Not to state the obvious....................... but just look , you said you've got them?
  23. Mcblow

    Mk4 Passenger Footwell Wet

    It could well be coming in through the door card if the seal is no good
  24. Mcblow

    My 1.9tdi takes a while to fire up when warm?