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  1. felix_19

    Touran GTI

    This time next week then it should all be sorted ;-)
  2. felix_19

    Touran GTI

    Amazing, can't wait to see it are you going edition?
  3. felix_19

    B3LSY Air'd 32

    Liking this a lot
  4. felix_19

    Touran GTI

    looks good fella can't believe how quick this build is happening top work
  5. felix_19

    Big red the roofless slut

    looks good with that extra bit hope to see this tomorrow
  6. felix_19

    MK6 Golf - R32 Smooth Bay

    Looks good this look forward to seeing it at the shows
  7. felix_19

    964 for all my life by Beli

    these photos are epic
  8. felix_19

    Big red the roofless slut

    yes! really like those wheels wasnt sue when you put the pic up when you bought them but look wicked on
  9. felix_19

    Skodalads VRS

    wow love those wheels!!!!
  10. felix_19

    lupo V5 2.3 engine conversion

    bet that shifts
  11. felix_19

    Ultimate Dubs 2015

    I wasn't even there but looking at the photos it looked to many
  12. Good photos bud, whats with the mini's bmw's, merc's and nissan? Thought it was a dub show
  13. felix_19

    rns310 problems

    Not long had the car, the sat nav doesn't work and the dealer (not vw) said there getting me a disc, so the sat nav doesn't work it won't play cds and when I plug my ipod in through the mdi lead it says not support any ideas?
  14. felix_19

    catmans fabia vrs

    oh man gutted