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  1. Sc0rian

    Golf Rallye 20vt - sold :(

    sold the car dude
  2. Sc0rian

    Golf Rallye 20vt - sold :(

    thank you all very much. I am really happy with it. Its bugging me, the car has just ran out of tax/ins/mot, and currently cannot afford it, and feel pretty lazy to do it. The problem is I hardly ever drive it! I'm starting to get that feeling, as much as I would regret but to sell it. I think I've owned the car long enough and its at that step where I can pass it on. The other problem is, I never attend VW shows any more!
  3. Sc0rian

    Golf Rallye 20vt - sold :(

    has been a really long weekend. But well worth it, got the rallye back and spent all of it getting it back together. Its no way near finished though, still got lots of interior work to do, alloys need fitting and what not. I know its a never ending project, but really would like to get it more complete. Now finally back at home... Need to source bits now.. A new sunroof seal, electric mirrors..
  4. Sc0rian

    Audi S3

    12.36 1/4 mile? damn, thats amazing. What power are you running?
  5. Sc0rian

    Golf Rallye 20vt - sold :(

    nah.. getting everything else painted but engine bay I will do on my own accord (haha, never probably).... Good to see your project still going too mate. Thanks Ryan. Yeah, I better get pre-ordering that 3m tape eeek. When I get it back I'll never want to breath near it. Cannot wait to get my th2 wheels on it and get it back!!! Thank you all for the comments
  6. Sc0rian

    Golf Rallye 20vt - sold :(

    Thank you so much dude. I'm really happy.. First time the bodyshop has sent me a picture... Really cannot wait to pick it up next weekend.
  7. Sc0rian

    Golf Rallye 20vt - sold :(

    thank you alex and all. Yeah I am really looking forward to getting it painted... Want to fit my alloys too, will look really good. I'll have a fresh looking rallye, for a change!
  8. Sc0rian

    Golf Rallye 20vt - sold :(

    probably about time I post an update here. Haven't really done too much with it apart from enjoying it! Still, it looking like some something from scrap heap challenge took its toll. So the rallye is now in the body shop. Does anyone know who I should take my car too for a remap? I'm not sure if I should just get a generic one or a custom. I'd rather go for custom, obviously if i go for custom i should spend a bit more money and replace the turbo intake pipe to a silicon one.. The way I see it, 270-5bhp = £250, can push it to maybe 290bhp, = £350(custom map) + £60(intake). Another £160 for, 20bhp on a good day... I'm getting it painted Dolphin Grey, should be out next week. Really, really cannot wait! Here are some pics of stripping it:
  9. I have a Audi a6 2006, s line. It has the colour sat nav, and red screen on clocks. I have two really annoying niggles with it, mainly the fact that Audi have told me that I cannot get a IPod working. I have a cd changer in the boot, i thought it was possible to get a ipod lead and change it. Apparently 3 dealerships told me this cannot be done. I found this http://amiretro.blogspot.co.uk/ im not sure if it would work for me? Also, I have a in car phone. It has a sim car slot, so I can just put my sim card in. The incar phone is wireless, works on bluetooth. When I try and pair my phone to the car it just says failed. I'm guessing the bluetooth is just there for the in car phone. Is there anything I can do?
  10. Sc0rian


    why is the mk4 your daily and not the S3?
  11. Sc0rian

    SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    really has came on now hamish. Remember seeing this the first day you posted pictures. You have made a amazing car, would love to meet you and the car one day!
  12. Sc0rian

    1980 Yellow Golf LS

    love it.. looks epic fun car to drive. Lovely motor
  13. Sc0rian

    Cat C Crew

    good effort.
  14. Sc0rian

    RS6 plus # 126

    epic thread. i guess you don't do many daily miles?