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  1. I've just fitted an engine in my sisters a3 as she run it dry of oil but it wont start. (can the oil of damaged anything else other than the engine?) It turns over but doesn't fire unless we spray easy start in the inlet but even then it doesn't rev and only stays running as long as its being sprayed. we've now changed the injectors back to the old ones as we remembered there coded to the car but still no luck. can anyone help or gives ideas where to look?
  2. L3 YOO

    PoLOW Estate TDI

    colour match the centres and that will be nice
  3. L3 YOO

    My Mk1 Leon

    tigar seal them skirts on and they wont be coming back of in a hurry. i always use to catch mine with no bother
  4. no worries man just trying to help make it nice. maybe curve it the same shape as the tank too somehow
  5. if you bring the tank forward a little and tuck the compressor and valves behind or next to it you could make it more neat and simple like this http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7137/6886507474_b27e8802e3_z.jpg just trying to help not moan
  6. L3 YOO


    yer i remember trying to draw them in school who drew it for you? i've been trying to get this guy http://www.facebook.com/pages/Car-Drawing-by-FDiego/232926263476980 to draw my old bora to go on my bedroom wall
  7. L3 YOO


    look at the size of the exhaust in that drawing
  8. L3 YOO


    why flocking? because racecar looks good now u need the wheel to go with it before edition lol
  9. L3 YOO

    project mfc

    who would be looking at that heap seriously when theres tits
  10. L3 YOO

    2007 Polo GTi

    oh my B) :wub:
  11. L3 YOO

    L3YOO's Bora Tdi

    sumps fine and na was worn through on the wishbone mounts and poop
  12. L3 YOO

    Bora TDI 130.

    paint the wheels a gay silly colour
  13. L3 YOO

    L3YOO's Bora Tdi

    been a while. not done much really up too date one. got on the wheel whores stand inside at mod nats too im now bored and need some rare 18's or shiney wheels even 17's again
  14. L3 YOO

    My Silver 9n

    ur front tyres are flat