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  1. Shawsy

    Mk2 GTi ..the first 1?

    Lol i disagree, thats a VW Press car, registered 12/4/84 its on the front cover of "classics in colour" wearing it on the wrong side too ever seen VW`s own mk1 fail? and every mk2 7 slat grille i have ever seen/owned has the clip guides on the right In fact every mk1 mk2 golf, Corrado, Jetta, polo, Lupo, and just about any version of VW that had a type badge on the grille untill about 1998 had the badge on the right hand side of the Grille
  2. Shawsy

    Mk2 GTi ..the first 1?

    Absolutely amazing progress.......love the interior one small observation if i may please please please put the new Gti badge on the right hand side of the grille (as you look at the car) where its supposed to be!!!! only mk2 that has a badge on the left hand side of the grille is a Rallye
  3. Shawsy

    My mk1 series 1 golf gti 1980

    That is absolutely lovely mate, looked great at Glow I am still absolutely traumatised that i was so stupid to let my 78 series 1 Gti go COA 330V 4 speed Mars red, it had the potential to be almost as nice as this......gutted i sold it I still have a lot of early bits kicking around somewhere! only small stuff like switch blanks and switches etc, your welcome to them if you want them mate
  4. Shawsy

    My Tornado Red Lupo GTi

    Looks really nice in red and standard :0) I just bought my wife a moon silver 2001 with 82k on it, although its so much fun i have been driving it more than she has lol Really great spec for such a small car and its surprisingly quick! Other than a couple of little jobs needing doing and a good clean up it was spot on, think i nicked it off him aswell to be fair as i only gave 2150 for it :0) I might contemplate selling my type 19 and get a red or blue one for me lol
  5. Shawsy

    golf rallye rebuild

    Looking good, be nice to see the end paint finish going on how neat that welding is :0)
  6. Shawsy

    Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    The blonde in the red dress was stunning!!!!!
  7. Shawsy

    Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    Absolutely fantastic show, easy going, crazy crazy Bmx boys! Maybe im getting old but that had me wincing a few times i tell thee ;0) Got a few good pics i shall stick up in a bit Great to see 8 Rallye lined up too!!!!! Dont happen too often!
  8. Shawsy

    Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    Cheers chaps I see ya there bright and early! even though I won't be back from a Paul weller concert till the early hours Sunday! Cars looking as best as it can it ain't no show queen
  9. Shawsy

    Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    Stupid question time........ What entrance do we need to go to enter the display hall on the morning? Sorry if that sounds dim but I don't know which car park area or zone the glow venue is nearest to? Or do I just follow everyone else lol Also I never got a yellow sticker with my ticket, but I'm guessing as it's a Rallye it will be self explanatory lol
  10. Shawsy

    alloy wheel cleaner

  11. Shawsy

    Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    got my inside conformation mate, paid for ticket.......and car past its mot today with only a cv gaitor advisory i hate changing cv gaitors but at least i can bring it after all that be nice to see some Rallye`s all together and just for the record i dont think this is a "usual suspect" event.......im certainly not a usual suspect!!!!
  12. Shawsy

    Mars Red 1984 GTI.

    Looks very clean.........spot light covers look absolutely whack all that needs is a set of the early seats back in it, and a suspension drop and some period rims apart from that you cant improve anything else as it was the perfect mk2 to start with
  13. Shawsy

    Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    sent email and pics of my Rallye couple of days ago, when should i hear? got a flat out weekend prior to it with a couple of concerts so dont want to prep the car for nowt
  14. Shawsy

    1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Love that, amber rears and small bumpers that would be mk2 porn im stilling trying to prize a D reg Monza valver from a bloke near me, it needs a good fettle but is essentially a very nice car, i hope he lets me buy it!!!
  15. Shawsy

    B reg mk2 Golf

    Nice little type19 this mate,drop it, polish it, look after it,Boom that would look nice as it is dropped on some Zender Turbo 2`s