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  1. darkside

    Milton Keynes / northants

    That's because HC is awesome
  2. darkside

    Quick question about sub amp compatibility

    That amp is only 2 ohm stable and with your subs being D4 the lowest impedance you will be able to show your amp safely is 4ohm
  3. darkside

    Honda powered vw ( man spec polo )

    You can buy just the plate and flywheel on its own. $1300 is usually with the engine and gearbox mounts
  4. darkside

    Honda powered vw ( man spec polo )

    Nice build! Did you use the standard H series gearbox? Might be worth looking into using a B series box, however may cause problems with yours mounts now
  5. darkside

    MK5 GT TDI

    Did you sell the LMs?
  6. Looking forward to seeing what you do install wise in this. You planning on using a F1 processor as well?
  7. darkside

    Eton speakers

    Eton are pretty good they used to make the older HEX speaker range fro Diamond Audio Which model of speakers do you have?
  8. Damn that is low at the front, bet you are hitting the subframe often? Are you doing anything with your front arches before it gets wrapped?
  9. darkside

    MK5 GT TDI

    Nice I like the LMs
  10. darkside

    Has anyone sound deadened a MK5 golf doors

    The inner skin is fixed, however you can remove the outer door skin on the MK5 http://www.golfmkv.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77997
  11. darkside

    Uneven wear on front tryes

    You can't adjust the camber on the front of your MK5, it will most probably be the toe that is out.
  12. darkside

    Purple Ronnie

    Not bad
  13. darkside

    Baby Blue '82

    Liking this Phil
  14. darkside

    D's MK5

    Wheels and coilovers now for sale