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  1. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Got the bumper finished been away for last 3weeks back finished this off and will make a start on the shell next weekend
  2. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Cheers mate Me too don't know when that will be though
  3. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Really appreciate that, helps as i'm also cataloging it all so don't want to just end up with the result but also the stages to get there.
  4. waj27

    Princess ANN

    Looks for factory mate really well put together, bet it sounds awesome.
  5. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Follow on from above, Bumper is ready for filler then primer pretty happy with how its turned out so far. To reinforce the add on section i cut some L brackets and welded a some nuts so i could bolt through the plate recess, and Q bonded some stainless mesh as well should make it pretty stiff Plastic welded together Current state of it need to add filler. Made a bracket that will actually hold the plate bolts on to the bumper iron. Sort of which make the above counterintuitive haha
  6. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Cant help myself still finding little bits to do, so for the past year or so been searching for a Nos Westy front bumper and actually came close to buying one from the US last month but the shipping cost just makes it not worth the hustle so i've set myself a task to make one or rather just get rid of the plate recess on my stock one which needed painting anyway as the rear one is brandnew and the front is faded. Turns out my type 19 front bumper is quite rare in itself as if you look close its different to the smaller bumper believe found on the post 87 mk2. Photo of the post 87 bumper, Photo of my 85 bumper, notice the difference on the indicator plinth which is slightly deeper and the lower section isn't as deep as the post 87, probably not as noticeable at first glance but makes mine a closer match to a genuine westy so i'll give it a go. Anyway started to chop away and also removed my chrome trim inserts, keeping part of the existing recess as i still want the bumper iron to clip in as normal and that middle section has extra support which will help with robustness and have a pretty good plan on how to secure the infill section. Section to be added. After some trimming section is almost there, will need to add the lower curve section once I've bonded this on taking my time with this one as i don't want it to crack Update soon on progress on the bumper shell still not here
  7. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Thanks mate, hopefully can tuck it in the slam panel gap
  8. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Cheers for all the comments just trying my best to restore and put some finishing touches to a mk2
  9. waj27

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Really do like your mk2 just works so well mate
  10. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Update, though a pretty boring one at that. Just twiddling my thumbs trying to find thing to do while i wait for the shell to be painted. Bought a e36 radiator some years back as it comes with an integrated expansion bottle, also Mercedes sprinter intercooler both been stored in the attic for a few years so thought i'd try to make some brackets to fix both together. Also had the TT radiator which is slightly too big for the space but kept the larger fans and cut it in half to mount on the e36 rad Made some brackets Second little task is my other front grille, much like the square headlamp set about making a single headlamp 7slat grille with projector angel eyes. quick test fit grille is a little dusty Last bit is my fuel tank, managed to modify the tank to take all the TT fuel pump and sender units bit of a job due to hight issues but its all sealed up just need to weld on 2 vent plugs. Don't have much else to do other than wait.
  11. waj27

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Great knowing when you took it out it was running so no major headaches when its back in, Whats insurance like on a 20vt mk2 if you don't mind me asking? PS didn't read above sorry to hear about your dad hope for a speedy recovery
  12. waj27

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Looks nice and clean going back in, no issues firing it up again?
  13. waj27

    Golf mk2 R36

    Great update: good to see more being done
  14. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Hi and welcome to the forum, cant speak for every mk2 but mine was in a bad state also i have no exact knowledge of where about's in holland it was from if its was close to sea side then but would explain why the rust was really bad i also went a bit overkill on some of the repairs only because it will be an ornament and with me for as long as it runs. But some of the areas like scuttle corner, rear arch tubs, battery tray and filler cap are the common rust areas on a mk2
  15. waj27

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Small Update: Shell went off to be painted last weekend hopefully second time lucky and should have it back soon which means things should get exciting as its mainly just get things back on and mot it. And my little helper the driver taking it away. With the shell gone its freed me to do some other finishing touches to some bits one being the ply floor, had to wait for some interlagos fabric from Mexico but the wait was worth it happy with how its turned out. Stapled some 3mm foam to the ply, bit of overkill but added it as an additional acoustic layer. The fabric was just enough The outcome. Wanted to do this for ages but timing wasn't there now finally got round to it, Jetta boot lock plinth with the lock deleted. And painted the rear spat arch guards to match Not got much left i can do while i wait for it to be painted so might be quiet for a while but appreciate all the comments