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  1. cupracraig

    Golf mk2 R36

    brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! top work.. really enjoying this!
  2. cupracraig

    Stepping up wheels (20 Bolt)

    have you checked SSR hardware? the other would be rimsincarnated, they are the only ones that i would know can help
  3. cupracraig

    Lacquered Steel Wheels

    cant confirm on paint, but you can get them powder coated in clear
  4. cupracraig

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    just going to put the engine back in for this summer and probably send it off for a refresh of the paint over winter
  5. cupracraig

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    mental week, not able to get much done sadly. Fitted the new starter motor I also decided to debaffle the turbo outlet (charge pipe). Theres no performance gain to be had, just sounds better
  6. cupracraig

    My little old Mk2

    very nice! i thought you were just a lurker too!
  7. cupracraig

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    LOLOLOL someone made a video of my build
  8. cupracraig

    Gearbox Painting /Lacquering

    ended up cleaning off all the corrosion and dirt then using engine enamel
  9. cupracraig

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    I Had a few hours on Saturday while the boys were at their nannas for lunch so i built the crane up, wheeled the car out and got busy First job was disconnecting the driveshafts and getting those off. For anyone wondering, you need to have the wheels off and undo the lower suspension bolts, then you will have enough room to slip them out. Out with the old box... ewww..grotty On goes the new box Time for the bay to get some more TLC Checked the turbo over and its got Zero play, happy days! i did come across an issue when removing the TIP that theres a rubber O-Ring that seals it onto the Turbo, that has split.. so now i'm just tempted to change it to a Silicon TIP. i'll see how much the o-ring is first
  10. cupracraig

    No power to injector

    glad to be of help
  11. cupracraig

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Got busy at the weekend with the gearbox.
  12. cupracraig

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Finished grinding off all the oxidisation from the box on the weekend and sprayed it down again with some aluminium treatment to ready it for paint tonight. Swapped over the gear change mechanism to the ball style from my current box. Drained the oil in order to check for contaminants and for peace of mind, always worth a swap because its likely never been changed.... gear oil was very clear so that's a good sign. I'll probably change the end plate seal too as although it seems good, its been exposed to elements and i don't fancy having to change it once on the car again
  13. cupracraig

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    decided on black enamel paint, should give it some protection and look nice and tidy, i hate the bright silver look that i see on other painted box's, black should just hide away a bit
  14. So i'm cleaning up a gearbox to fit to the golf, i've de-greased it all and am now working on just cleaning up some of the oxidisation. I was thinking of just lacquering the box to add some protection to it but just wondering if that would work or not? i've done a couple of engine compartment items and baked those parts but obviously a gearbox i cannot bake! am i just better leaving the gearbox bare and clean?
  15. cupracraig

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.