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  1. JimmyBoy-S

    Jude the bus! 1971 Westfalia T2 Early Bay window Bus

    Fair play to you mate tackling it yourself, can't go wrong with Schofields panels that's who we use. My dad and I have restored an early bay, 3 later bays and currently got a customers later bay with an Impreza engine in it what were restoring. Keep up the good work mate
  2. JimmyBoy-S

    72 Beetle with a tight deadline

    Productive day today, both my uncles came down to my bodyshop first thing, one with the brace he's made to support the beetle once off the floor pans and the other who managed the get the engine running !! The car has been sat for a long time but sounded nice and healthy so the plan is to service the engine, paint it and get the tinware powdercoated. Also managed to get an hour on the Beetle after work tonight, in which my Dad and I got the body and the floor pans seperated. New panels and parts have been ordered tonight, once there here we can get cracking with all the welding. Few pics from tonight
  3. JimmyBoy-S

    72 Beetle with a tight deadline

    Hoping so mate, not got long to get it done lol I'm from Melbourne originally and my bodyshop is in Melbourne but live in Stenson Fields now.
  4. Evening everyone I thought I would share with you my 72 Beetle. I have always liked aircooled VWs as my Dad had his own VW Restoration business when I was young and he would also take me to shows. There are two main reasons behind the build, first I want to build a beetle in memory of my Mum who sadly passed away in 2009 to cancer and secondly to have it as one of my wedding (September 10th) cars alongside my Dads 67 Split Screen and a 73 Beetle I resprayed for a customer around 4 years ago. (I do have another customers 67 Early Bay which we restored as a back up but I'm determined to have the beetle ready) Iv always wanted a Beetle and whilst browsing eBay this one came up fairly local to me. I arranged a viewing with the owner, basically he had bought it for him and his son to do as a project but his son lost interest. After a look round it with my Dad a deal was struck. The Beetle itself is sitting on 67 floor pans, has an adjustable front beam and front brake disc conversion. A brand new carpet set and a spare engine was also thrown in on the deal. We went to pick it up one Saturday morning in my Dads T4 and fixed bar, just turned into my estate and the bar snapped sending the beetle off on its own lol. Once pushed to my house and into the garage, I began to strip it down whenever I had the spare time. I bought a set of 5 steels which I plan to get two of them banded and also bought a pair of new US towel rail bumpers for cheap. With being stupidly busy at work, expanding the business taking on a second unit and the birth of my son Iv had very little time to do anything on the Beetle. Last week I got the Beetle trailed to my bodyshop so my dad and I could get stuck into it. Majority of it is now stripped, a list made of all the panels we need and to start getting it braced up before any welding is done. I will try and update as much as I can, Thanks for reading eBay pics: Behind my Dads T4 Runaway Beetle Now at my bodyshop The inspiration for my Beetle
  5. JimmyBoy-S

    The Florida blues

    My dream MK1, attention to detail and the work you've put into it is amazing
  6. JimmyBoy-S

    American inspired mk1 caddy pickup

    Got to love a caddy Respect for tackling it yourself, it's going to look sweet mate
  7. JimmyBoy-S

    Gaz's holey mk2

    Looks good mate Are you still at Parkway? I used to work for Chartwell across the road.
  8. JimmyBoy-S

    Max's MK3 VR6 - OHH SO BLUE

    Always love your build threads Max, what number car is this?
  9. JimmyBoy-S

    Sam89 passat b6 wagon

    Wow love that mate !!
  10. JimmyBoy-S

    StyleHaus VR6 - RS301's

    Would be rude not to get that plate Loving the car mate, it's stunning
  11. JimmyBoy-S

    MK2 Golf 8v GTI to 16v ABF

    Looks good mate, hoping to ABF my MK2
  12. JimmyBoy-S

    What colour green is this?

    I'm sure it's Lido Green - LA6B
  13. JimmyBoy-S

    PoLOW Estate TDI

    Hope your all good now Mark Can't wait to see what you do with this.