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  1. skinnyman9000

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    This looks amazing! Can't wait to see the finished article, picnic blanket and all!
  2. skinnyman9000

    Washing all my cloths & towels

    No tar remover products. My car had a ceramic coating application when I first got it, so all it gets now is a PH neutral shampoo and quick detail spray, with wheel armour/polish, so nothing too heavy is used on it.
  3. skinnyman9000

    Washing all my cloths & towels

    Cheers Jonny, that sounds good to me. I brought them in to wash the other day and straight away the missus was all "NOPE!!"
  4. Might seem like an odd question, but am I ok throwing all my detailing cloths and towels in the washing machine? They're starting to get a bit grubby now, but wanted to make sure the various chemicals on the cleaners aren't going to knackered my machine in any way?
  5. skinnyman9000

    The Ultimate Pressure Washer Thread

    So this Nilfisk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nilfisk-C110-4-5-PC-Pressure/dp/B00AZKE2HC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1438533643&sr=8-2&keywords=nilfisk Or the Karcher K2 compact? Also, the Karcher doesn't some with the patio cleaner, which is extra. On the Nilfisk, I'm guessing the snow foam attachment isn't really up to the job, as these tend to be £30+ on their own.
  6. Howdy all, I've got a new car coming in August/September and I'm after one of these 'new car details' that alot of places are offering, interested in a ceramic coating of some type too. Can anyone recommend a detailer in the Derby/Notts area that can provide these services? I've had several recommendations but they're a bit too far away for me.
  7. Yeah, but I doubt it's high quality stuff or done to a decent standard, but for the average joe that just needs to keep their car presentable it's perfectly fine. I normally just get the wash for £5. Even then then it's wash, dry and tyre dressing, it's not even worth me unraveling the hosepipe for a fiver.
  8. Yup. The Albanians down the road do a full inside/outside clean, then polish & wax, tyre dressing, window polish, all that jazz, £15. See loads of people down there in brand new/couple of year old cars, cheap easy way to keep a lease car looking brand new.
  9. skinnyman9000

    Car Alarms - Cat2 / Cat1

    Trackers seem to make a decent difference for insurance purposes. If the police get the car back the insurer's don't need to pay out.
  10. skinnyman9000

    New tyres = alignment required?

    Yeah the hunter systems are expensive, but highly recommended on the Honda forums. I had even wear on the old tyres, so probably no need just yet then
  11. skinnyman9000

    New tyres = alignment required?

    It was before, but the new tyres seem to have cured it. It's now driving how it was when I first bought it. It had a full Hunter laser alignment (around £100) 8,000 miles ago. I was going to have it done as part of my service due later in the year, but didn't know if it was worth doing it sooner. The alignment is £80-£100 dependant on machine and location, so I didn't want to have it done if it wasn't needed. I'm not getting an uneven tyre wear as it is.
  12. skinnyman9000

    New tyres = alignment required?

    I ran over a screw last week ruining my front tyre, no biggie as they were about due anyway. Had Michelin Pilot Sports 3's fitted to the front this morning, so now have matching tyres all round. Question is, do I now need an alignment doing? There was no uneven wear on the old tyres, but unsure if new tyres means new alignment. The car is standard Honda Accord, and rarely driven in anger, I tend to just potter around in it, so I don't want the alignment doing for handling purposes, more just for tyre wear and comfort purposes. I've only driven a few miles back from the garage this morning, but can already tell the new tyres have made a difference. No longer pulling slightly to the left, or tramlining, the car already feels much better. But, is alignment needed? And what sort are we talking?
  13. skinnyman9000

    Touch up paint

    I've got a few marks on my rear bumper from where I didn't secure my bike properly to my bike rack, so the tyre has rubbed some of the paint off. So, what's the best way of touching it up? Just using a touch up pen, or something more substantial? Anyone tried something like this: www.chipex.co.uk 3rd option is a chips away type place I guess.
  14. skinnyman9000

    Car insurance - unsure what to do...

    Mistaking 2WD with 4WD isn't as bad as Admiral sending me paperwork through for a Vauxhall Corrado
  15. skinnyman9000

    Stolen car insurance pay out

    Get evidence of similar cars for sale. They'll just be going off the general car, most likely won't be taking mileage and spec into account, which we know can make a huge difference.