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  1. Bendohhh

    Vag Com - ABS & Airbag Query

    Ok cheers, will give it a bash when I can.
  2. Bendohhh

    Vag Com - ABS & Airbag Query

    The new car’s a Peugeot 205 but it’s irrelevant really as it’s the full Leon loom, it’s essentially like if I’d removed the abs, airbags, etc. from the original car. Thanks for the input so far.
  3. Bendohhh

    Vag Com - ABS & Airbag Query

    I’ve put a 20vt, full loom, ecu and clocks into a different car which doesn’t have ABS or airbags. Is there a way of using Vag Com, or something else, to turn these off and make the ECU stop looking for them as they’re no longer there? Currently I get warning lights on the dash because the ECU can’t connect to the relevant control modules.
  4. Bendohhh

    Custom fuel lines

    I’ve used kunifer for fuel lines and used normal fuel hose at either end so I’ve got some flex. Stainless would look nice but it’s difficult to work with and generally more expensive. Copper work hardens and breaks easily so should really be avoided.
  5. I’m currently doing a 20vt conversion on a car that doesn’t have have ABS or airbags. As the original clocks in the car are turd I’ve always planned to use the clocks out of the donor car (mk1 Leon if anyone cares). Now, since I’m using the clocks I figured I’d just use the full loom from the donor car to, in theory, make my life easier. This however brings me to my current issue, since I don’t need the ABS can I simply remove all of the ABS related wiring from the loom and carry on with my life as if it never existed or is this going to cause me issues down the line? The same query applies for all of the bits relating to the airbag wiring that is also surplus to requirements.
  6. Bendohhh

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    Do you still need the top part of that bracket? Drop me a PM with your address if you do.
  7. Bendohhh

    Cut out when warm

    Another vote for the crank sensor. I suffered in silence with this issue for a while then changed the crank position sensor and all was well.
  8. Bendohhh

    20vt Starter Motor Query

    Yep. I'd also assumed it just free span when the engine was running, no idea it could pop in and out. Now that I know I'm equally surprised that no one I spoke to knew this either.
  9. Bendohhh

    20vt Starter Motor Query

    aaaaand it turns out I'm just a retard.
  10. Bendohhh

    What tyres for my eos

    If I was you I’d have a play around on http://www.willtheyfit.com/ and find a tyre size you’re happy with. A lot of it is down to personal preference. Realistically you could probably put the same size on the back but then you’ve obviously got a stretched looking tyre on the rear. Willtheyfit is good because you can play about with your difference options and it’ll give you a little diagram showing how the tyres compare against each other.
  11. Bendohhh

    20vt Starter Motor Query

    So, I’m having a bit of a head scratch moment that I’m hoping one of you geniuses can help me with. In the quest for better gear ratios and better clearance I removed the 02M gearbox which originally came on the engine (AMK) and fitted an 02J EGS gearbox. Obviously, I’ve also had to change the clutch, flywheel, starter, etc. to suit the 5 speed box but I’m having some issues with the starter motor and flywheel mating together and I’ve got no idea why. For some reason the gear on he starter motor looks to be around 10mm too short. The very front of the teeth on the flywheel are inside the gearbox by about 55mm and the gear on the starter only just about goes in that far so they’re not meshing together. The clutch and flywheel, I’m told, were for a mk4 gti 1.8t and the starter is from a 1.9tdi, is this where my problem lies? The 5 speed starters seem to look identical on all the photos I could find. I was thinking the clutch may have been 210mm instead of 228mm but looking in the gearbox the outside diameter of the flywheel looks to be ok. Unless the flywheel for a 228mm clutch sits further forward than the 210mm one? So many questions. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  12. I would assume in the region of 600bhp.
  13. Bendohhh

    Hydraulic Clutch Query

    Excellent cheers.
  14. Bendohhh

    Hydraulic Clutch Query

    I am currently looking into the technicalities of popping a hydraulic clutch into a car that was originally cable operated. Engine is an AMK with an 02M 6 speed already with the appropriate hydraulic slave cylinder on it. I've got the clutch pedal and master cylinder, from the donor, but in its factory position the reservoir connection was piped up from the brake reservoir whereas the conversion car (non-vag 90's tat) does not have a clutch port on the brake reservoir. I was thinking that I could simply install an independent clutch reservoir similar to what you'd find when people use Wilwood pedal boxes. Would this work or am I missing some benefit that the joint fluid reservoir provides that an independent one wouldn't? It seems like a perfectly reasonable idea but I wasn't sure if I'd overlooked anything. Secondly, does size matter? *ahem* As long as the whole thing is bled is there any reason I couldn't use a small reservoir such as one from a motorbike? Cheers, Ben
  15. Bendohhh

    Lupo electric window fix

    The regulator is the bit which slides the window up and down as the window motor turns, there's a little plastic spool thing with a wire cord on it which winds round when the motor turns. My A4's regulator died because the wire got all chewed up around the spool and eventually snapped. Quite probably a similar issue, bit of a pain to change but it's no difficult.