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  1. Fools Gold

    Cope's GTI

    Seen this at a few shows last year, its a lovely mk2! Love that fact that you've done the work yourself - definitely one of my favourites at the moment.
  2. Fools Gold

    1985 Rallye Yellow Mk2 Coupe 16S

    awesome car! I want to do a road trip like that one day, inspiring stuff.
  3. Fools Gold

    Early MK2 GTi

    fantastic looking mk2!
  4. Fools Gold

    I bent my wookie.

    lovely mk2!
  5. Fools Gold

    Cope's GTI

    Awesome car. It's a credit to you. Plans sound spot on as well.
  6. Fools Gold

    Coolant pouring out

    My 1.6 went in almost the exact same place. It lost all its water overnight and the hole was massive. The metal pipe was around £33 from vw this time last year.
  7. Fools Gold

    silver mk2 gti

    Really nice looking mk2!
  8. Fools Gold

    mk2 electric recaro help

    Don't think it is the switch as I have tried a different one and it made no difference. I'm now thinking one of the contacts is dirty or one of the wires has broken under the seat.
  9. Fools Gold

    mk2 electric recaro help

    This does make sense, as non electric mk2 seats need to be 'pushed' down. I don't know why, but I was expecting them to work without anyone sitting in them. I'll give it a try tomorrow, hopefully it will work!
  10. Fools Gold

    mk2 electric recaro help

    I haven't, do they need someone sitting in them to work?
  11. Fools Gold

    mk2 electric recaro help

    I've just fitted my passenger side seat, the problem is that it only moves up and I can't get it to move down. When I press the switch it just clicks or makes a whirring noise. But it was fine when raising it. I have tried swapping the switches and it made no difference. Anyone got any ideas? thanks
  12. Fools Gold

    My Mk2 Golf

    looks really nice! are the rm's 7j at the moment?
  13. Fools Gold

    another mk2 golf

    lovely car, so clean
  14. Fools Gold

    34k mile MK2 GTI "Vinnie ..some new pics now 36k

    Incredible car. I hope I find one like this one day
  15. Fools Gold

    Cope's GTI

    Brilliant work mate. I agree with you about the ride height! keep it standard