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  1. andy.

    Another round for the WAXATHON!

  2. or even cheaper 200632916370
  3. Exactly, nothing fancy or expensive.. Mechanical engineers stethoscope.. eBay item number: 310356834921 is exactly the one, slightly different to the one in the image above as it has a needle tip so you can pin point.
  4. Was indeed the bottom ball joint.. Changed it tonight and it's now back to normal. Thanks again
  5. Had the stethoscope on the bottom ball joint this morning and it looks like its the source of the noise. Cheers folks
  6. I did think the ARB bush, but with the stethoscope you can pin point it to something attached to the wishbone.. I have tried to remove the bolt and re-align/tighten it again in the central position, but it didn't change. To be fair the only bit I haven't checked directly is the bottom ball joint, but it does sound very much like a rubber type creak noise hence me not looking there before.
  7. No damage to the floor, with everything disconnected there is zero noise from the wishbone when it's moved up and down.. I'll get the stethoscope on the bottom ball joint tomorrow..
  8. got a creaky front wishbone, which sounds like it coming from the rear bush (listened through stethoscope). i've replaced the bushes (tried solid TT ones and normal Lemforder bushes) sleeve and bolts.. bolts all torqued up correctly i've sprayed wd40 on the front and rear bushes, the arb bushes and also the arb drop link bush and still its creaking i've loosened off all the subframe bolts in a bid to re-align it and it still creaks anyone any ideas ? i cant think there is anything else there unless the subframe itself is splitting and starting to separate or the Meyle replacement wishbone the previous owner sourced from VWherritage is somehow faulty any suggestions welcome
  9. andy.

    1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    is this a RHD condenser ? Mine also has a leak and i need to find a proper RHD one that isn't £300+