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  1. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    Is the 28 pin round connector on an abf the same as any other models?

    As title really, want to know as I need to get one from a breakers but cant find many 16v about.
  2. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    Turbo gurus, a little advice needed.

    I will ask him, cheers for the advice.
  3. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    Turbo gurus, a little advice needed.

    I`ve seen a TT (my mistake its not an s4) k04 for sale on ebay but the exhaust side is cracked, my boss has a pair of RS6 exhausts so i could have one of them if they fit.
  4. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    Turbo gurus, a little advice needed.

    Will an rs6 k04 hotside fit a s3 k04 cold side?
  5. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    Anyone know how to acces the fuel pump on a petrol Touran?

    As title i think my fuel pump needs cleaning out as the car won`t start tried everything else but no joy, its dark now so cant find where to access it. Any ideas?
  6. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    The "PREPT SHOWDOWN" 2013

    Whos booked track time and what time you got?
  7. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    Mk3 golf 16v hubnut size

    Anyone know the size socket I need for the hubnut on my 16v anni? Been told 30mm and 32mm but I need to be sure so I can buy one today.
  8. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    What is this?

    Just done a bit of googling with a/c and vacuum in the search terms and found out it is a vacuum reservoir and as I'm deleting my a/c it don't matter that I cut it out!
  9. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    What is this?

    I have a/c
  10. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    What is this?

    Removed the NSF arch liner on my mk3 gti 16v and there is some kind of tank attached to it. What is it and what does it do? What will happen If I cut the hose going to it? Anyone know?
  11. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    Removing sound deadening

    A multi tool like THIS With a blade like THIS
  12. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    Fibreglass kits

    Check out this ipad install me and my boss did for his RS4 for some inspiration... Link
  13. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    Mk3 golf gti front struts

    i drilled mine
  14. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    part number help please

    Replied. She went to an audi dealer and asked for an oil cap for a 2.0 fsi and got a load of bollards from the parts guy that it was a beetle and it wouldnt fit because its a vw and not an audi!! ended up going to vw
  15. my-forumusername-isinappropriate-thx

    part number help please

    so topped up my oil today and left the oil cap off, drove down the road and heard it fall down, i turned around and stopped to retrieve it from the road but alas, it had been run over and broken. Now i need to get my missus to get one in the morning but would like a part number to quote just in case she gets an arsey parts bloke, (the car is a vw touran and she is going to an audi dealer down the road). Thanks in advance.