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  1. In the centre under the handbrake. Only running a single one now.
  2. MarkGolf

    Audi TT 3.2 V6 (8N) Mk1

    Ohhh, I've got a bit of a thing for a Mk1 TT!! Do keep an eye out for one, will get one to scratch the itch one day. mugly!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO! Hope you're well!
  3. That would be a good shout Luke, where abouts are you?? Cheers man, I gotta leave it alone, needs to stay factory although I know US versions had the option of chrome, I hate chrome now after the golf
  4. Cheers mate, appreciate that. I love a 944, I nearly got one in October but the sills were completely rotten and the guy wanted too much for it, shame, always loved the looks on them! What are you doing to yours?
  5. Wowwww you're still here!! Good mate, how about you?! Thanks man, it's alright, few bits of neglect showing but it has been in this stage for near, if not more than 10 years now! Have considered breaking it many times but I just have too many memories in it to let it go. Yeah, Sutton, Surrey. It is all there, I normally keep it in a carcoon but i left it in another garage for the past 2 years without the carcoon and the damp has caused a few issues, some spiders moved in, dust and mould underneath but I got most of it sorted over Xmas! I really hate polising, hated it back when I did them and my tolerance for them is much less now. Your car is looking incredible btw, that pipework in the bay is a work of art!! Cheers, just followed a a vision on it. If I were to do it again now, I would definetly do things differently, no chrome, everything black instead, no stretched tyres, a real cage. Would be a shame to lose the chrome and black everything now so it will stay as it is I think..
  6. Local for now, looking to move a bit further out no to get away from the busyness and get a bit more land for car storage but that's another story. Ahh shame, it does seem hard to find a good one, I'm surprised someone is importing them, shame they're nearly always autos. My mate found a very good early spec VR, everything was great but the chains let go, that was an 80k miler too. Luckily it did no damage! It has been good to work on mine again after so long, I forgot how simple and easy they are to work on. Some pics and updates Moved the Golf into the main garage to do the work on it over Christmas. Removed all of the old braided system and started the brake lines from scratch, shortening the system and doing it properly. Coated all the lines black Going over the car again, there are so many little things that I would have done differently had I built the car now but too late to go back and I'm not bothered enough to start again. Forgot about some of the small details I did, like flocking the wilwood bias knobs.. I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE polishing wheels!!!! I am going to get some 7x17"s with proper sized tyres to keep the car sat on, probably Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2's. These RH's are a ballache to keep polishing and they're fliping heavy!!! I couldn't believe how heavy they are. wow. I'll keep them for if I ever take the car to shows but as I want to use the car for the occasional drive, I want some wheels with correctly sized tyres as I don't like stretched tyres and I don't want the hassle of polishing wheels. Brakes all done, new flush bootlid LED's done. Next I am changing spark plugs in the hope of curing a random misfire, if that don't work then I'll get a new coilpack, change oil while I'm at it. Then I can look forward to getting an MOT and taking it out, perhaps once the salt has washed off the roads so maybe a few months to wait... Then the only job left on the list is to tidy up the wiring for the battery and amp in the boot. I am also considering dumping the electric PAS setup and fitting a manual rack to simplify things. As for Porsches, My 964 which I saved.. 997 which I'm thinking about shifting soon for something else Boxster which the wife uses The best car of them all though is my beloved MX5! People laugh but it is the best car ever in my opinion. Bought it as a standard non runner and now it's 270bhp and pulls on E92 M3's all day long. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than this thing.
  7. Thank you!! It is, just about, have had many thoughts to break it over the years but I just can't, too sentimental. Cheers man! Wow what a story, that would be pretty cool to get it back! I think I vaguely remember seeing that it was over there or thinking that someone had created a full on replica of yours. Defo catch you this year, what do you have now? I do still have that, it has sparked a bit of a Porsche fetish now, I'm obsessed with the cars. 997 still here for now along with a 964, Boxster and soon to be Cayenne GTS. I did go to westside last year and saw Si's car there, was good to still see that looking fresh as ever, other than that, I didn't see many Mk3's at all, seems that they have been well and truely forgotten. I did see that Trix is still about too and still full steam ahead with his. Otherwise, all the other top mk3's have disappeared it seems. Thanks! HA, I could probably live opposite you and you would have still never seen the car, it pretty much hasn't left the spot it's stored in for the last 5/6 years and even before then, didn't go far You are close however, I'm in Sutton/Belmont at the moment. Do you still have your Mk3? I think the last I saw it had BBS's...
  8. Indy! Wow, still here! How you doing, still got yours? It's ok, still alive and gets started every month or so. Looking to get it back to 100% over Christmas so I'm getting back on the ball with trying to work out a couple things I want to sort out, mainly the poor brakes! Has a misfire but that's probably just gummed up plugs and just a general clean up and 10 years extra knowledge to go back and do some things properly lol. Fitted new tyres 2 months back, the ones on the car had gone rock hard and cracked!! I wanted to get it out this year but a crack in the rocker cover stopped play.. Pics from 3 weeks back.. Hopefully I'll have it out next year, most probably just Westside..
  9. Amazing!! Took me back to mine! Great work!
  10. Ohh, this is still here, never quite finished this thread. What the hell has happened to E38 though, seems dead
  11. MarkGolf

    VW Golf mk3 gti FS

    Wow, this is great to see! Kind of reminds me of the setup I used to have when I was building my mk3. Love this, glad to see another one being properly built!
  12. MarkGolf

    What battery for boot in VR6

    The main battery earth is short, I did run 2 at one point, 1 to seat belt mount and 1 to the spare wheel threaded bolt. I'll have a go at adding more earths on the engine side. The problem is everything is chrome and painted so I can imagine there is some resistance through places, all earths points are clean and bare however. Just want the thing to fire up like it does when I have another car joined to it. Thanks all!
  13. MarkGolf

    What battery for boot in VR6

    Just to add, without the other car connected, the clocks would reset everytime. With the other car connected and running, clocks stayed set.
  14. MarkGolf

    What battery for boot in VR6

    Did some further testing today, some repeated. Measured voltage of battery, voltage at alternator and voltage at starter, all 12.34v. Earth continuity all good at all points. Tried to start car but just got the dash clicks, no joy. I then decided to put a jump lead from the battery to the engine, I tried starting the car and it fired up, slightly lazy but it worked, it then worked a further 5 times. I disconnected the earth jump lead and the car worked, i then went to show a friend and then the car didn't fire. I put the earth back and still, failed ton start. The battery was now at 12.08v. I then attached jump leads from another car straight to the battery terminals, the car fired up really really strong, fuel pump even primed faster and louder than normal (walbro). So, does this show that I've got a dodgy earth or a weak battery when under load, or both? I ran out of time to try a battery from another car but I'll give that a go later in the week. Thanks Mark
  15. MarkGolf

    What battery for boot in VR6

    Strange, I have seen other threads where VR6 guys have used all sorts of lesser batteries and been fine! I assume my battery is fine as I actually used it to run a Porsche 997 for a week and it was fine with that.. Before I buy a new battery, I might try another from another car and see what happens. I wouldn't be able to say what was up if it still cranks slow. I guess having the MX5 connected to the starter motor is good for it as its getting power directly to where it needs it, maybe if i try the same but connect it to the battery terminals instead, could identify an issue with wiring? The 0 gauge cable is pretty long but so many people have done it for what must be a similar length, I can't see that being an issue. It runs from the wheel well, through the chassis leg and round to the starter motor. I have a BMW fuse box from a 5 series with a 250amp (i think) fuse in between, terminals are nice and healthy gold things, usual stuff. Then the battery is earthed to a seat belt mount with 0 gauge and multiple earths on the engine side of things. So no bottle necks.. Trying another battery is prob the next best step.... Cheers for that