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  1. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    While I had the Sapphire I came close to writing out a breaking thread for the mk2 but couldn't bring myself to do it after the hours I had spend underneath the thing on a freezing cold driveway getting it to the point it's at. As per the previous post there's not been much in the way of action on the car since I sold the engine / box and bought the cossie but I have chipped away at things every now and then. Here is 2018's progress...... While off work last Christmas I dragged the long forgotten BAM lump out from it's hiding place in the corner of the garage. Back to Plan A unfortunately...... Back to a bare motor and put on the engine stand. Blocks original paint finish was lacking somewhat....... Some months later it was cleaned up and ready for paint, really hate doing this job. Painted with Por15 engine enamel. This was done when it was freezing so the finish wasn't that smooth, I did a final coat when it was warmer but didn't take any photos. Took the remaining parts off the engine and had some powder coating done. Bolts and brackets plated as usual but going for silver in the engine bay. K04 manifold blasted. And painted. Mostly built back up, remaining minor items have since been added. Pics to follow at some point. Gates timing belt kit & new water pump. TFSI coil packs fitted to replace standard setup. I put it up on stands during the summer so me and my helper could give the underside a clean off. While I've been off this Christmas I washed is for the first time ages and polished it for the first time ever if for nothing else to remind myself what it looks like under all the dust. This was taken a year ago so imagine around triple the dust / finger marks and you're where it sat this year. Took two washes to get the dust off it and the paint was still rough as a badgers so needed a lot of claying before polishing, came out well though. Just happy it has some shine hidden under there somewhere! Engine bay cleaned (as our cat likes sleeping in there) and polished. This has got me back into the swing of things so I've tidied out the garage so I actually have a place to work even if the car won't fit in there, made a list of whats left to buy (more than I hoped but cest la vie)and I've dragged one of my 02j boxes out to get the same treatment as the engine. Hopefully 2019's updates will require more than a single post Cheers Ross.
  2. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Since its been over 18 months since the last proper update I think a few pictures are long overdue...... To be honest there has been little to no progress since early 2017. In fact the whole thing went back over in that I sold the stroker 20v and the Quaife 6 speed box due to the whole thing just getting out of hand with how much money I was chucking at it. With the pair of those disappearing off to new homes the my enthusiasm was pretty much zero so I chucked the towel in and bought a new toy. Won't be everyone's cup of tea on here but I love them! Nice spec on it and made a good (and believe it or not very reliable) fast road car. I've used it as a daily driver for the past 18 months or so despite uproar from the RS pages on Facebook and its been spot on. All good things come to an end though and I sold it a week or two ago and away it went on the back of a flatbed
  3. Love this car! Been following it on Instagram while I've not been on here. Look forward to seeing more. Cheers Ross.
  4. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Only another couple I think. Thankfully it doesn't take me long to prepare them......
  5. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Actually scratch that, just noticed the photobucket pictures have returned! Will try uploading some fresh ones soon.
  6. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Bit of a delayed response but thanks Craig! What does everyone use for hosting pictures for forums nowadays? I've been back on the mk2 again recently and should have some updates again soon.
  7. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    For anyone who still gives a wrist exercising my enthusiasm is slowly returning for this. As photobucket has ruined the thread I will be posting updates on my Instagram which is rosco_mclean Cheers Ross.
  8. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Afternoon Gents, Just noticed the fresh posts. I'm still alive and still have the car but to be honest I lost interest in it around the turn of the year and its barely been touched since. I also bought a Sapphire Cosworth in August which hasn't helped matters but I will get round to finishing it in some shape or form eventually. Oh and well done to Phototbucket.....said no one, ever. Cheers Ross.
  9. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    To be truthful when I took the sump off it wasn't as bad as the pictures Graham posted at the time as I seem to remember he had a straight edge on one side only if that makes sense. Yes there was some distortion from welding but personally I think it most likely would have pulled up square looking at it. That said when I took it off there were quite a few large blobs of sealant pressed out on the inside (more than I would normally be comfortable with). I don't know if Graham used extra sealant as he was worried about the flange or whatever but as the gasket was not far off the same price as the gasket I just went for that option so as not to risk the same happening again. All that aside the sump is a very well made product, and I would have no qualms about buying another. Had I have bought it new I would have stuck it straight on, pretty confident that it would pull up and not really give it a second thought. It was only from speaking to Graham when I bought the motor that made me think about the possibility of excess sealant pushing out etc. Lastly thanks for the comments about the detail/build. Much appreciated. Agreed, cant really say fairer than that can you.
  10. 2tonedub

    Porsche 964 for y'all

    Wheels look great Chris, nice change does the world of good sometimes!
  11. 2tonedub

    Alpine White MK2 VR6

    Coming along nicely mate. Walk down memory lane looking at that old picture, I can remember when you first started!
  12. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    I'm still struggling to pull my head out my arse with this thing at the moment. Regardless of that though I'm soldiering on to try and keep the interest there and maintain some sort of forward progress....... The car went away to have a couple of bits of paint corrected in the bay on an awkward area of the chassis legs that wasn't quite 100% from last time. With this done I thought I had better crack on and get the engine ready to go in there. The block had been painted previously but the finish wasn't quite up to scratch and was silver which I don't really like too much of on an engine, here it is after a little rubbing down. And here it is after a couple of coats of Por15 engine enamel. I had always had doubts about the sump as when Graham built the engine up the mounting flange was out of square and I suspected there would be blobs of sealant squashed inside the sump when it had been nipped up. This niggled away at me enough to pull the sump off and I was proved right, most of the lumps tore apart on removal but you can see a few in the pic. Worlds most expensive sump gasket in place. Few engine parts from the coaters/platers to go on. Sump and timing covers refitted along with a new oil filter housing and cooler which were given a splash of paint. Finished bottom end with the accessory bracket and Fluidamper fitted. Its the little touched that count so they say, I have an IE breather adaptor they only come in anodised red which doesn't go with anything else on the car so I stripped, polished and anodised it black. Much better! I also built the Vibratechnics mounts back up after having the bases powder coated and painting the mounts themselves. That's all for now, will be back in another few weeks for the next instalment. Hopefully along with some renewed enthusiasm! Cheers Ross.
  13. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Cheers mate! My instagram is rosco_mclean
  14. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Don't worry, I drove it and remembered why I sold my last one
  15. 2tonedub

    Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Came close a couple of times! I added up the money I could bust it for at one point and went to look at another e46 M3 but I have got the enthusiasm back a bit now so will plough on and try and myself back into it.