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  1. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    The engineering that has gone into this is nuts.
  2. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    Very neat indeed mate. That is a mage short boost run.
  3. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    Nice idea mounting the pump and making a foot rest out of the bracket.
  4. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    yes it's great to see a build thread which has useful info and shows whats involved and the thinking behind it.
  5. N7NDO

    Poor man's Porsche

    Very nice! I do like the 924.
  6. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    It made 287@ 7k with high 10.6 AFR's, maybe 300 could of been on the cards with better AFR's. I would say this BAM 20V could see the same kind of numbers with a near standard engine, due to better head flow, better combustion burn rate and maybe the VVT adjustment could play a part as well.
  7. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    60mm is good, the pic makes it look bigger than that. crank is 140mm so with your 60mm pulley your ration is 2.3:1 which will mean your max redline will be 6950rpm (16,0000 eaton rpm)
  8. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    That is a nice setup, very close to how my old M62 ABF setup was. What size pulley is that as it looks a little on the big side?
  9. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    Nice work as always, I've seen good gains from doing the same mods, only diff to your mods I open out the V a little bit and de-shroud the small end of the V as well. But haven't block the silencer holes before as I haven't yet found a good way to seal/plug them. Keep the updates coming dude.
  10. N7NDO

    Porsche 996 front caliper wheel size

    The 305 disc with 996 caliber setup can fit under 16" rims, the really issue I had was the offset and style of rim you can use which clears the caliper.
  11. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    Some top engineering and 'one off' custom bits going into this thread/mk2. Makes a nice change.
  12. N7NDO

    Supercharged Golf Mk2 20v

    Yes those fuel line and EPAS pipe holders look a lot better now that you've gotten them anodised. Like how you have mounted that TDI timing belt idler close to the eaton pulley to give you more than 180 degree belt rap on the eaton. Nice work!