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  1. grey16

    Help! does anyone recognise this car?

    More now...........
  2. grey16

    Help! does anyone recognise this car?

    Ohhh. I wondered why the boot had blood stains and smelt of funky.
  3. Just purchased my new toy and Im really impressed with it. Wondering if anyone on here recognising the number plate? It has had a few performance bit added to it and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what had been done? reg is: Y171 AJW 2001 silver golf 1.8t Thanks Mike
  4. grey16

    Roll Cage for a Mk4 Golf

    FIA please. But still would like to keep back seats so 4 point would be good with removeable cross arms.
  5. grey16

    Roll Cage for a Mk4 Golf

    Wow your quick off the mark. Im looking into 4 point rollcages. So probably will be losing at least the back seats at some point.
  6. grey16

    E38X | New Flyer

    Im very excited about this year. Shame I can only get there on Sunday. Anyone know what the raffle car is this year?
  7. grey16

    Roll Cage for a Mk4 Golf

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a functional 4 point roll cage for a MK4 Golf R32? Thanks
  8. grey16

    Mk3 / Corrado REAR Brake upgrade?

    Ice works is absolutely spot on. Im actually doing the upgrade at the mo. Definitely worth the change as both my rear calipers seized.
  9. I think having an additional tent would be wicked. Dont get me wrong, I love early 90s hip hop. But I think that people on the night will either be into raving or chillin. So one with rap/hip hop/rock etc. Then the other with garage/dubstep/DnB Everyone wins.