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  1. Thinking about it it would probably cause some kind of loop, sending the signal from 3+4 round in a circle.
  2. Is this possible? My headunit only has 2 RCA outputs, but I would like to run a 4 channel amp. I know you can split the RCA with a Y connector, but that splits the signal strength. On the Amp pictured below is it possible to connect the H.U. 2 RCAs to inputs 1+2, then go from the pre out back into channel 3+4, making 4 working speaker outputs?
  3. Z4 Gar

    Corrado vr6 rescue to VRT take 2

    Great work and looking forward to more videos. What gearbox are you planning on running? I stripped the input and output shaft of 5th in my old VRT, that was a standard box with 3.68 final.
  4. Z4 Gar

    DAB aerials

  5. Z4 Gar

    Mk1 golf brake upgrade

    iirc Corrado VR6 front calipers are a bolt on fit and easy to source 2nd hand if going for 280mm
  6. Z4 Gar

    DAB radio adapter?

    I have a Sonichi S100 in the work van that I bought from Halfords for about £50 so I can listen to Radio X. Also bought a Sonichi aerial as the reception is crap without. It can be used as an FM transmitter, but obviously isn't great like this, so I use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack to plug it direct to the stereo. Assuming your Pioneer has a headphone jack input I would assume all/most adapters could be used with it. Do they actually transmit UK stations in Germany.
  7. Z4 Gar

    Mk2 golf 2.8 v6 chucking coolant out tank

    Sounds like an air lock somewhere to me if the sender is new and is reading low, which is strange if it has previously been ok. Try running it without the cap on whilst giving all the hoses a good squeeze. And check the whole radiator is getting hot, not just the bit by the rad switch. My mk2 20vt did the same and it took quite a while to clear the air lock.
  8. Z4 Gar

    Federal 595-RSR

    Anyone can kill a set of tyres by driving like a tit. I once went through a front set of Toyo T1-R in 3000 miles on my old mk1 years ago.
  9. Z4 Gar

    Federal 595-RSR

    Yoko AD08r are another option. More expensive but better. Nankang NS-2R are also meant to be very good and offer similar grip to the federals. Lots of rave reviews on the Drift forums for these. Bit cheaper than the Federals too I think, just make sure you get the Street compound and not Track with these.
  10. Z4 Gar

    What battery for boot in VR6

    Might just be that the battery is getting a bit tired. Sounds like you have more than enough earths. Get a known good battery in there and see how that works first. My battery is in the boot of my mk2 and it is earthed to the body by a rear light and that works fine.
  11. Z4 Gar

    Whats the best brake pads ?

    I ran Ferodo Premier on my old 430 bhp S4 with 18z brembos and they were very good. Low dust and great cold bite. On my old Corrado VRT I had Wilwoods and fitted some Ferodo DS 2.11. These were simply amazing once hot and I couldn't get them to fade. Cold bite was pretty good too. On my M3 i ran Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Z-rated. Good once warm but a bit pants when cold. Didn't take much to get them warm but if you had to heavy brake when stone cold they were a bit hairy. Performed well on a blast the length of Wales from South to North one evening though. From my research there are now much better pads out there than DS2500, offering more cold bite and better high temp performance. On a light car like our VWs maybe not such an issue, but a lot of M3 owners don't like them. Mintex 1144 get a lot of praise but like I said earlier give off a lot of dust. Depends a lot on your driving style as to what would be best. If you are going to do lots of heavy braking I would look at the Mintex. If like me you aren't that heavy on the brakes and prefer to be smooth then Premiers will be more than up to the job for road use on a light car, but would struggle on track. I have spent many hours googling and no pads are negative review free, just have a search and see what you think fits your wants.
  12. Z4 Gar

    Whats the best brake pads ?

    Mintex 1144, Ferodo DS2500/ DS3000, Ferodo Premier, EBC Blue stuff, Pagid RS4-2. Unfortunately there is no such thing as 'best'. Some work better from cold, others better when warmed, others good all round but a master of non. Some like the Mintex 1144 are great pads but give off a crap load of dust. Read good things on the new(ish) EBC bluestuff when I had my M3 over on cutters. Avoid greenstuff they are turd, no bite when cold or ability to withstand heat.
  13. Z4 Gar

    Updated ARBs.

    If you want to reduce understeer then just get a thicker rear bar. This will also reduce body roll. Getting a larger front bar will increase understeer, so upsizing the rear by the same amount as the front will reduce body roll but keep the same under/over steer characteristics. I would just go with whatever the popular H&R / Eibach kit sizes are, they know what they are doing.
  14. Given how crap they are on the S4 I wouldn't bother, unless your brakes are absolutely dire. Whether they do or not is not something I know.
  15. Z4 Gar

    fuel in oil catch can?!?!

    Did you go for a decent drive after clearing the codes and before re scanning? You can't just clear them, leave it idling for a few minutes then re scan, the codes could take a while to re appear. Sometimes hundreds of miles if it is an intermittent fault.