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  1. waud

    Project - Barge

    Looks awesome mate im definatly going to have bag an audi after seeing this
  2. waud

    Nevada beige Typ19 1986 mk2 golf

    loving the car looks so tidy plz sell me the window louvre plz plz
  3. waud

    Project mk1 caddy

    updates? lol
  4. waud

    Resealing split rims

    Okay cool. Paypal it is then
  5. waud

    Resealing split rims

    Cheers b1ncc 1.8t ill be ordering sum on friday do u take cards??
  6. waud

    New car :)

    Lovely jetta mates makes me want one even more. Keep up the good work
  7. waud

    Resealing split rims

    Tar mate
  8. waud

    Resealing split rims

    Hi chaps i was wondering wat people use to reseal there split i was thinkin silicone but there any certian ones that work better than other Cheers Andy
  9. waud

    Alpine IVE-W530BT

    Hi chaps. I bought an alpine double din head unit today and i need to connect a wire to the handbrake cable to allow me to change setting and adjust the clock etc. my dad said that my handbrake is an earth when it is on so if i connect this wire the the negitive on my battery that will make the headunit think the handbrake is permantly on so therefore allowing me to change settings? Correct if im wrong. Cheers andy
  10. waud

    The estate build

    ye man ill be followin this. really shud do a build thread on my estate wen i get the chance
  11. waud

    Back Into Dubs :)

    looks good man. ive got an estate to
  12. waud

    My Mk1 Leon

    Mate car looks awesome i need sum of those wheels in my life
  13. waud

    My Mk1 Leon

    Haha im just doin sum maths and technically they will fit my mates got a body shop so its make car fit the wheels i think. Ye seen that pic of ur drive shaft doesnt look fun. Were u from man??
  14. waud

    My Mk1 Leon

    love the car mate sits so well. i really want a set of those wheels for my estate but wana do 9.5 all way round just need do sum maths first see if its possible. followin u on intsagram man names waudlar
  15. waud

    Silver mk2 golf

    Alrite mate. Fancy a px for a mk4 golf estate 130 tdi with cash my way?? Pm me