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  1. Very nice, I’m taking my mk3 to Chris at garage 87 tomorrow for some more welding he’s already replaced my sills.
  2. jones7

    Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Very nice, wish my mk3 looked this good
  3. Love the car, what make are the wheels, as l like them too
  4. jones7


    Bargin and best colour mk3 too
  5. jones7


    awesome car and would love them wheels
  6. After reading this post about garage 87, I took my car round today as I’m not far away from them too, just waiting for Chris to book me in for new sills and other bits on my.
  7. jones7

    Ex venom mk3 vr6

    Yeah I no it’s still got a Phirm sticker on the brake light
  8. jones7

    Ex venom mk3 vr6

    I wish I new who he was too ask a few questions
  9. jones7

    Ex venom mk3 vr6

    I no it had a turbo on when venom had it, would of been nice if it still had the r32 in it
  10. jones7

    Ex venom mk3 vr6

    Cheers, that’s what I thought when I got it, but kinda like it now, pictures make it look out of place but nice once your in it
  11. jones7

    Ex venom mk3 vr6

    New wheels bit different from the norm
  12. jones7

    20 Valve Corrado

    Them wheels are amazing mate
  13. jones7

    Vdub-A1 MK6 Golf Build

    Very nice iv got and a1 Quattro gear knob that would suit this especially with your name lol
  14. jones7

    Ex venom mk3 vr6

    Vento front on just need to paint it plus roof, mirrors and smoked rears
  15. jones7

    Ex venom mk3 vr6

    Yeah only had it two days an love it just got to put my own stamp on it now