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  1. mana

    Mk2 Golf AUQ OBD2

    stock management?
  2. hi all, needing some help, currently doing the 1.8 20vt swop into my mk1, gathering all the bits and stuggling to get some solid info on the driveshafts i will need. will be running an 02A box so 100mm cups. i found these, but they are out of stock: http://www.retrofication.co.uk/100mmdriveshafts.html could any one provide part numbers/links to what i can use? thanks in advance
  3. hi, wondering if any one has a guide on how to remove the ISV and pipework on the g60 engines? believe some pipes need to be blocked and some remain open? thanks in advance
  4. mana

    golf mk2 rallye xenon conversion

    thanks bud, you're a life saver, first link worked
  5. hi, wondering if any one has a guide of the golf rallye xenon conversion using TT parts. there was a guide up here but thanks to good ol'photobucket the pics have been removed (link below). thanks in advance
  6. mana

    Bodyshop in Heathrow area?

    second that, Klear autoworks
  7. when was the fuel filter changed last?
  8. heard these aren't recommended if on air, as they put straing onto the strut?
  9. mana

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    adapters are always fine aslong as they have the correct torque settings,
  10. mana

    8" sub recommendations

    whats your budget? i have an 8'' gladen audio sub available, pm if interested
  11. mana

    JL W6 re-cone help?!

  12. best bet take it to a garage, get them to drill it out