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  1. Chaz!

    Princess ANN

    Haha! Yeah exactly mate, I'll be taking notes
  2. Chaz!

    Princess ANN

    Those seats are unreal, nice purchase mate! I'll be watching the engine swap too, I want to do the same in my 2.9VR Corrado soon
  3. That sucks mate, but Stav Tech is always selling turbos on Ebay, big ones...
  4. Chaz!

    FAO: Child in the UP.

    He definitely wasn't kicked out because the white Up! and the green polo(?) estate with the nandos sign on the roof were both parked by me in the main car park on the Sunday afternoon. On the other hand the lad in the drift car, looked like a PS13, did get kicked out, security and one of the older E38 guys pulled up to him on one of the little buggy things and I could hear them shouting that he was banned for life from all E38 events. It's an attitude problem really, so may entitled little chodes these days thinking they're all that. This was my 10th time going but the show wasn't as good as previous for me this year and next year I think I'll just go for the Sunday, £80 for two people for Sat and Sun is mental
  5. Chaz!

    Murdered out B8 S line

    Looks awesome mate, the grill makes a massive difference!
  6. Chaz!

    Project Woodstock - Vento

    Looks awesome man, real soft spot for Vento's recently, and there seems to be a lot less around! Nice thread revival too
  7. This is so awesome, I thought the thread was over after the photobucket thing too. Good to see you're still around on here!
  8. Holy poo that looks so mental but so good at the same time, I love the massive stack Those times are decent too! What are you aiming for?
  9. Chaz!

    Stereo won't remember

    The red coming from your vehicle side should be the ignition switched 12v, so that allows the stereo to turn on and off with the key, and the yellow that has been cut should be the permanent 12v that allows it to keep its memory. That's fairly easy to check with a circuit tester if you have one. I would think if you connect the yellow that has been cut to the yellow going to the stereo harness, that would sort it for you. Edit: and no idea why the previous owner has done that, but if you reconnect them and something is wrong the worst that would happen is you might blow the fuse.
  10. Chaz!

    78 Derby Gls

    Cheers mate, really suits the shape of the car. Friend of mine had a Grey Derby a few years back, think it's still going round somewhere. Always thought it was a cool car!
  11. Chaz!

    ABF'd MK1 Caddy Build

    Looks awesome mate, really thinking about selling my 'rado for one of these! That shot of the rear 1/4 in your first post is Making good progress too!
  12. Chaz!

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Looking wicked mate, Arosa front end really suits it, good work on the grill too! Best colour for a lupo in my opinion too
  13. Chaz!

    Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Nice progress! Colour looks amazing mate, and good to hear you plan to get some use out of it!
  14. Chaz!

    Scrap MK2

    Looking good mate! Think when I get another MK2 it will be in this colour for sure!
  15. Chaz!

    1975 Audi 50 GL

    Looks so good, colour on the E30's really suits it too