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  1. Was off work today, after a productive morning returfing the back garden ( :/ ), I finally got a chance to give this a go with some meguiars ultimate compound., then back on with the Dodo Juice Purple Velvet. Also went looking to see if I’d got any old cassettes for my commute whilst it’s still got its original HU, I think this was a good find:
  2. Lol if only I’d hung onto my old copies, used to buy Max Power religiously. Saw a few popping up on eBay recently with Jordan in, not sure how I feel buying someone’s second hand giddy material!
  3. In between landscaping my back garden, I managed to clean up a few more bits, fit a new battery (as existing was reading a healthy 4.2v). I also got round to pumping my tailgate full of dinitrol ML... I’ll be looking how to do the doors next. Also cleaned and greases the sunroof channels, discovered one rear electric window to be non functioning, my money is on the switch, but otherwise it all works. Took it for a proper spin... it’s soggy and tired, needs new bushes and suspension but for now I really like it, I can see why people love vr6’s, the power curve is lovely. A couple of ‘after’ pics from my light clean up yesterday.
  4. So, yesterday in between building a garden shed and other such domesticated tasks I decided to tackle a few bits. First off, parts of the car that have seen welding are still in primer or stonechip. I won’t be rattle canning mode visible areas but under the fuel flap I thought was ok: Built up in primer, some colour, then a few coats of petrol resistant lacquer:
  5. I didn’t intend to, but ended up doing what was intended to be a quick wash polish wax... it quickly became evident after a quick going over with some autofoam and gtechniq shampoo that the paint was heavily contaminated. Out came the auto smart fallout, then some 3m medium clay. I got through 3 bars! So much tree sap contamination!!!! After this I quickly removed some overspray around the fuel flap with the trusty das-6 and megs ultimate compound(naughty me not masking enough). I then quickly hand polished the rest with AB cherry glaze and topped with dodo juice purple velvet to give some protection til I get time to fully machine the car. Also put this on, which felt most satisfying! Next up, new battery as I think the current one is knackered, coolant change(rather rusty!), and new brake fluid (very dark and spongey pedal, must have a lot of moisture in).
  6. Got the seals and grommets back on the fuel flap and mounted it back up once that was all dry and set about cleaning the interior. I wet vacced the mats and carpets. Then vacced our the car.( I then used all purpose cleaner on everything, auto rite crystal glass cleaner, dressed the plastics with AG vinyl before breaking out the gliptone intensive cleaner and leather feed.
  7. Started having a good look through the history of the car last night. It has the checklist and bill of sale from when the PO bought it as a approved used car from VW and just about every service receipt, MOT and misc receipt since.
  8. Well the Golf got nearly a clean sheet on the MOT, so we’re now taxed and insured and on the road. Brought it home from Garage 87: Got the Pipercross panel straight in as the air filter was a bit mucky: Looking forward to giving it a deep clean over the weekend then I’ll be moving onto the fluids and filters:
  9. Not too much to report on this at the moment, gave it a service ahead of heading out again in it this year. So far did some camping locally at Mow Cop, and this weekend just gone at the base of Kinder Scout in the Peak District. Off down to Cornwall camping for a week in May. Mulling over a refillable gas canister system to replace the Campingaz canister based system currently fitted. Other than that, all present and correct
  10. This is kinda what I had in mind, some kinda subtle/period mods. Getting ready for the Golf to come home soon and me being able to crack on with a few bits, keeping with the theme of keeping costs down, 58% discount on service filters at GSF scored me some Mann items for not a lotta cash
  11. Ohhh I was quite liking them to be honest...might try them for a bit and see how they look. Yeah think he'll be glad to get rid of this one, I think it's still sat on his drive looking sorry for itself at the moment ha!
  12. And this is why I'm not allowed on ebay after drinking... Oh how the warehouse lads laughed at me when this arrived... All in all I reckon it should look alright after abit of a clean and polish, nice bit of a saving over buying a new item and the added bonus of a stainless decat pipe included....not sure if I'll be using that though. Back on the ebay bargain hunting, managed to bag a second hand but unused Pipercross panel for a good price. Car should hopefully be on the road this month
  13. Still slow-ish progress here at the moment whilst I'm still concentrating efforts on the house, however, my friend Chris at Christy Car Hospital painted my wings for me, his work is usually pretty awesome 2 wings in transit to Garage 87...once theyre on it'll be MOT time, then hopefully get it on the road and off to Christys Car Hospital (my friends bodyshop), to give it some TLC
  14. The parts gathering begins... I'm expecting the bushes pretty much all to be original and rather sloppy, so I anticipate Powerflex'ing the car, as this has made a huge improvement on my other vehicles. When these unused but surplus subframe bushings popped up effectively harlf price on a well know online auction site I couldn't resist. I've been keeping an eye out for a front grill Highline badge(the badges on Highline are different to those on standard VR6 Golfs), as the one is missing on the car. They are not currently easily available and I have seen them sold for quite a bit of money second hand. So When I saw these two pop up at a decent price, I snapped them up: So, now the car will have a complete set of Highline VR6 badges.