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  1. MOT time next! So was working through a few little niggles yesterday. The horn has been a little intermittant recently and I've been meaning to sort it for a while. Cue spending a while stripping the various plastic covers off to expose the electircal contacts, cleaning and reseating said contacts...still no horn...playing with horn push connections in the wheel itself, which promptly blew a fuse! Fuse replaced, contacts cleaned, still intermittant horn. Replaced horn. Job done. Wish I'd just tried that first to be honest for the £7 a replacement horn cost! Whilst I was at it, the sliding door has sounded a little grindy since we got back form Cornwall. I cleaned the channels top and bottom that the rollers run in, cleaned the rollers with WD40, then re-greased the lot with some lithium grease.
  2. Currently back in my garage keeping dry til next month, Ibiza FR has resumed daily duties. Next step for the Golf is the Body shop, going having the rear end (quarters, bumper, boot shut, sills), tidied/painted. Following month it's back in to have a better job done on painting and fitting the front wings, and the front bumper is getting some love as well. Having the sills blasted full of Waxoyl whilst it's there as well.
  3. That looks bang on! got mine back now, coolant system revamped. Chris showed me the old stuff, had all been previously bodged with silicone sealant :/ glad it’s been changed! Hes also found me the original spare key, win!
  4. Nipped over to Garage 87 after work last night to have a nosey and a natter, the lads had got mine up on the ramp with the new straps on so thought I'd take a look. They've even given the tank a tidy up Should have it back with the rest of the coolant stuff done tonight.
  5. In a perfect world, totally, suspect I need to invest in some form of power tooling or air tooling really as my concerns were seized bolts etc(the struts look to be the original VW items). The control arms I will replace when it comes round to start polybushing and sorting suspension, this is more of a tickle up for now
  6. Completely agree, it's crying out to be lowered a bit, thinking around 40mm. On that pic, it's only really just come down off the axle stands as well, so hadn't fully settled.
  7. Genuine mk3 parts.... the rear axle and subframe took some cleaning up! standard vr6 rims on for now off to Garage 87 tomorrow for coolant system goodness.
  8. Been cracking on with cleaning the underside up a bit this week. More vactan and brake calliper painting: More stonechip painting: Still up on stands picked up some standard vr6 rims with reasonable tyres to roll on for now. its off to Garage 87 Monday to have the leaky coolant system sorted
  9. Nice shiny new fuel tank straps
  10. New silicone coolant hoses and header tank have arrived, so those will go on next wee.
  11. Got a bit of time this weekend to make a start tidying the underneath a bit. wire brushed and vactan’d rear axle and brake back plates once that dried got the stonechip out, also brushed down the rusty rear callipers, found some red calliper paint knocking about so put some of that on for now. next up I’ve sourced some wheels to roll on whilst I get the solitudes sorted, as well as the coolant fix and some new fuel tank straps as you may have noticed they’re rather crusty right now.
  12. Right, things are starting to turn up to fix the coolant system...
  13. Ahhh the fabled ‘crack pipe’... more coolant related goodness in transit...
  14. I'll check them out, as I suspect I'll end up going through most of the bushes on this over the next year, you're right, the cost mounts. I've done my van almost fully in Powerflex, which has transformed how it drives, but was not cheap...heck my Ibiza runs Superpro...it's like precision instrument to drive (well, as much as a Ibiza can be), but my word that cost me a bit!
  15. Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, and better it did it in the garage, crack pipe has gone! Good excuse for some nice black silicone hoses, a new pipe, thermostat and housing whilst it all gets sorted.