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  1. dragonfly

    Audi TT Detailed

    The reflection shot over the bonnet is superb.
  2. dragonfly

    VW Golf R Detail

    Incredible work as always. Cracking before and after. Did the hot weather cause any issues with applying any of the coatings?
  3. dragonfly

    BBS RA Centre caps

    Have a look here: http://www.pwmotorsport.com/shop,bbs-products,bbs-centre-caps.html
  4. dragonfly

    Stereo won't remember

    Try swapping them around red to yellow and yellow to red.
  5. dragonfly

    Stereo won't remember

    Try the red with the red and yellow to the yellow - there shouldn't be any issues. Some stereos can be wired differently to retain the memory. Does the cut yellow wire correspond to anything on the other side of the plug?
  6. dragonfly

    Jaguar F Type S Detailed

  7. dragonfly

    VW Golf R32 Estate Detailed

    Night and day - truly great results from what you had to start with.
  8. dragonfly

    Sony Stereo XR-6859RDS into Mk2 Golf GTI Pre 91 Wiring

    Give the unit a direct 12v from the battery to see if it's faulty. I assume you are trying the unit with the ignition on (lights on dash and engine off). Are you using ISO plugs or bullet connectors?
  9. dragonfly

    Blog now up

    Good work!
  10. dragonfly

    G60 ISV and chacoal cannister removal

    Some guidance here: http://www.peterbeers.net/vw_roadtrip/Corrado/Corrado_Mods/remove_c-canister_boost-return/remove_boost_return.htm
  11. dragonfly

    Best pre-wash

    I use a shampoo and snow foam mix topped with water (2- 3 squirts of shampoo and 1 inch of foam) in a spray soaker bottle connected to the hose. Will shift the dirt before snow foaming or starting your wash.
  12. dragonfly

    Mk2 Golf rear wiper parking in different positions

    Try the relay marked 72 (rear wiper relay)
  13. The point was the products used (Auto Finesse) are readily available - not some ceramic coating. Yes it takes time to achieve such results but can be gained without being an all out professional detailer.
  14. dragonfly

    Cut out when warm

    Temp sensor? I think there are 3 on the 8v so you could swap one out with another. You should also be able to check the resistance to see if the sensor works.