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  1. Hi guys, At a point with my MK2 that’s I would like a full re-spray, anyone Recommend anyone in or around Bury St Edmunds Suffolk?? cheers
  2. P333 RLY

    Name these wheels... ?

    That’s it bud thanks
  3. P333 RLY

    Name these wheels... ?

    Btw they are not RA’s
  4. P333 RLY

    Name these wheels... ?

    Hi, these are my old wheels of my gold mk2 - 7 years ago! Ive now got another mk2 and want to know what they where as I just can’t remember... any help much appreciated
  5. Evening guys, just had genuine xenons retro fitted to my mk5 gti using kufatec Adaptors, but headlights flicker as need to be coded via vagcom... anyone near Bury St Edmunds that can help me out thanks 07507726601
  6. P333 RLY

    Retro fitting OEM xenons to VW mk1 Tiguan

    Thanks mate, headlights are complete and from a 2008, mine is 2010 but same model Type
  7. Hi guys, Hopefully someone on here can help me Currently our mk1 Tiguan (59 plate) 2010. Is running the standard headlights. I have come across some genuine xenon headlights. My question is : can I simply remove my old standard headlights and plug these straight in? Or will they need coding and Adaptors ? Any help is much appreciated Cheers
  8. So as the temperature has dropped (-3 this morning) Car wouldn't start ! Well it started and then dropped straight down and stalled - so had to give it some gas to help it out Been running fine every other day Anyone have any ideas ? Possible ? ... MAP sensor (1.4tfsi has 2) Temperature sensor Throttle body Help is much appreciated
  9. A dodgy high pressure fuel pump was the issue
  10. Thanks for the help mate The high pressure fuel pump has been removed today, any telling if it's f*cked before he orderes a new one ? Ta
  11. Anyone ? We are coming to the conclusion of the high pressure fuel pump, and I've got my fingers crossed for him it's not the injectors :/ Any help is much appreciated
  12. A friend of mine is having issues with his A3 It's a 2009 1.4tfsi with 110k & full Audi history Diagnostic check shows code P0170 (bank1) - vehicle running to rich at idle and off idle. So the car doesn't idle that great - to be honest it's not that bad just a bit of a bouncy rev counter, that's issue number one. The second issue - the car has just had a full service, whilst we drained the oil from the sump a strong petrol smell and a sign of fuel within the oil. I know this could be a number of issues - it was in at Audi a few months back and they replaced the n80 valve due to running issues but that doesn't seem to have solved anything. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated
  13. P333 RLY

    Mk1 R32

    Awesome mate
  14. P333 RLY

    I did a buy.....