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  1. Dibdub1

    Jonezy's MK4 Golf TDI

    Just had a good read through this whole topic! I like the progressive changes and especially the tuning update! Recently put my MK4 gttdi back on the road and was very interesting to see what power figures you achieved as that's the same route in terms of upgrades that I'm looking to go down. Look forward to some more updates dude!
  2. Dibdub1

    Insurance quote

    Hi guys, Recently got a new quote for my vw golf mk4 which was pretty decent. Ideally I need to insure my car in the next few days and instead of the hassle of ringing round a few other insurers to chip the quote down a little further, is there any chance my quote could be looked into to see if it can be bettered any more? Thanks in advance
  3. Dibdub1

    B3LSY Air'd 32

    Jeez this thing is stunning
  4. Dibdub1

    Audi A6 Build

    Saw this parked up outside the hotel when I was walking in and just stopped and admired for a minute! Perfect example of simple yet VERY effective mate!
  5. Dibdub1

    Patchrico's Ride - Anthracite Golf Mk4

    Hi and welcome! Your car looks awesome! I've got the same colour in a 3 door - It's the best colour isn't it? Cheers, Josh
  6. Hi J, thanks a lot for the response! I wouldn't know if the reader got damaged at the same time or not as I've not seen it myself. I'll ask him to double check! If the ecu can't see the transponder, is it easy enough to get it coded so that it works? Cheers
  7. Hey boys and girls! Hoping some of the more informed people might be able to help! Basically a friend of mine's recently bought my A3 1.8T Sport and the ignition barrel decided to snap, the linkage between the barrel and the switch is what's failed. He's sourced a new barrel and key, swapped the transponder over. The car will turn over and fire, it'll run for approx 5 seconds and then just kill itself. Now I know the clocks, ECU and keys/barrel are normally coded altogether but would any of you be able to suggest if there's something really simple that we've missed or that needs to be done with swapping the barrel/transponder to match the ECU? Any help/suggestions would be massively appreciated! Thanks
  8. Dibdub1

    Newbie's A3 8L 1.8T

    Not checked this out for a while and what awesome progress you've made man! When you had the 3sdm on, what was the rear et and were you running any spacers at all? We're they in line with the arch or did they poke slightly? Cheers
  9. Dibdub1

    Golf mk4 1.8T bigturbo

    This. Is. AWESOME! Looks so mean and moody! What were the rear wheel specs/setup? Wheel size and final ET if you knew? Thanks
  10. Dibdub1

    mk4 golf pd 115

    Looking really good mate! I'm off to look at a PD115 on Friday so fingers crossed i'll be in a new motor for the first time in 17 months! Just a quick question about your rubstrip and the running lights, are they wired up and if so, where to? Thanks!
  11. Dibdub1

    SWR's MK4 1.8t

    Awesome thread and progress so far mate! The wheels look spot on! Also a nice little surprise with the remap! Looking forward to further updates
  12. Dibdub1

    94 audi 80 coupe, the pigeon :-D

    Just read from start to finish so far! Was considering an Audi S2 coupe or avant, B5 S4 or a TT for my next car I thought I'd finally decided on a TT for now as it'll be cheaper all round and I've always wanted to do one but I think you've just gone and opened a can of worms for me again! I'm now sat scouring ebay and the internet for tidy Audi 80 Coupe's and avants! Thanks a lot! Look forward to more updates and the Speedlines look absolutely amazing fella! Top work!
  13. Dibdub1

    My B5 S4 project

    Just when I thought I was getting over my desire for a b5 s4, you come along with this stunning thing! What wheels are these by the way? Its right on the tip of my tongue and it's really frustrating me haha!
  14. Dibdub1

    Newbie's A3 8L 1.8T

    Car's looking really well now mate! Keep the updates coming!
  15. Dibdub1

    Newbie's A3 8L 1.8T

    Nah, a heavy haldex TT instead Ah yeah I'm with you! Man that sucks - Don't envy you haha! Good stuff! If you go remap and don't do clutch/flywheel then enjoy replacing your clutch every 2-3 months then! Trust me, the standard clutch can't handle the remap! - My friend remapped his mk4 Golf 20vt and replaced his clutch for a brand new standard one and it killed that within 2 months lol!