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  1. Rainbird

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Ominous photo is ominous...
  2. Rainbird

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Like that location. Nice and subtle, tucked out the way beautifully. So long as it's not too inconvenient of course.
  3. Rainbird

    Gearbox Painting /Lacquering

    No real harm in lacquering it per se, though if you've not removed all the oxidation and painted it then there's arguably not much point. Wouldn't worry too much about baking it if you do go down that route though.
  4. Rainbird

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Seats look really nice - where are you having them done?
  5. Rainbird

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    Great work, shell looks better than new!
  6. Rainbird

    VW Golf R32 Estate Detailed

    Phenomenal work dude, nice one. The fact that the lettering on the Tarox caliper lines up with the holes in the wheel is the icing on the cake - not sure if intentional or not, but nice detail in this photo
  7. Rainbird

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Good stuff!
  8. Rainbird

    Rainbird's LCR

    I wish I knew! Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later, but I'm not going to hold my breath. The last 12 months have been pretty crazy with a combination of working away almost constantly, moving a couple of times with work, changing jobs, family bits and so on. I've got another 5/6 weeks working away from home now followed closely by getting married, but with any joy once that's out the way I should have more time to get things done, plus I'll be living at home and working less than 10 miles away so I'll have evenings to use and won't need the car quite so much which opens things up. I'd love to get it in before the wedding, but being realistic that isn't going to happen so I'm aiming to have it in and running properly (plus or minus a "proper" map) by the summer. If I can get the pipework welded up over the next few weeks that might come forward a touch, but as above...
  9. Rainbird

    Rainbird's LCR

    Depressingly little progress with the car lately. New job 200 miles from home, a wedding to plan/fund and needing to use the car daily mean I've not been in a position to really do any major work which is pretty frustrating. Hopefully change that soon. Brief catchup in picture form: Got the tyres on the car, had the alignment done too. Tyre shop did it wrong, not particularly impressed. So, I redid it at home to get it where I need it to be. Standard DIY fishing line method and a calculator I knocked up on Excel. Seen in action here, along with my utterly knackered rear bumper from where a scaffold van reversed into it on base last year. Need to get it replaced at some point, it's a horrible mess! 45 profile looks cool, but rather than just give a little extra daily comfort, made things a tad squirmy and also rubbed on occasion. They've since been moved to the rear end, and I'll get a set of 40s on the front once the current rubber dies. These are on the way out. Here's the worst of a set of 4, once I get through the rest I'll buy more Kumhos Car has mostly been used for trekking between various offices. Still spot on as a daily, if a little rough around the edges Went to Combe Spring Action Day. Played pit crew for Nick for the day - the A3 was throwing its toys out the pram (or rather, it's oil out of the sump filling the catch can and intake in the space of 4 laps...) So we pinched Sam's e36 and went for a play instead. Shame about the Audi, but a good day in the sun took the edge off. More important things in life... Have had some fun drives over/around the Black Mountains during my time in Wales Stuck a seat in it. Surprisingly fine for my 4 hour commute. Hoping it's tight enough for the occasional track day - the XLs always felt good and snug when I've sat in them in other cars, but I'm wondering if they'll be a smidge loose. Time will tell. Felix likes them: He also likes parcel shelves, provided they're in the sun: Or dashes, for that matter... In fact pretty much just loves cars. One day he's going to jump in with a stranger and disappear on a road trip! Boost came and helped redo my door seals Wishbone bushes could do with replacing soon. Not impressed by the Black Series set that are in there at all, haven't been in all that long and rarely used in anger yet appear to have lost the smaller flange. Rubbish! Rubber line to fuel cap finally gave up the ghost. It'd cracked and gone brittle ages ago and he replacement is so cheap it'd be silly not to . Gave things a quick wipe out too as they were pretty mucky. Other than that, it's just been routine maintenance really. Soph's car has had a good service with all oil and filters, plus new droplink bolts as they'd necked fairly badly and it was causing a nasty knock (sounding just like top mounts, which we knew were good as I replaced them a few months back pre-MOT) Also gave my brother's mk5 (pd140) headlights a going over. He picked the car up 18 months ago or so and they were pretty cloudy, so I'd grabbed him an Auto Glym kit to sort them out. Pretty impressed with the results. Here's a very quick 5 minute going over. Another short session after this had them looking like new! Minimal engine progress due to being away a lot and wanting to spend the odd weekend I do have with the lady. Realistically I've made no progress in months and it's getting me down a bit. Only need to sort out the pipework/welding and really I am in a position to swap the engines and get it all run in etc though. In the meantime, I've just been hoarding yet more parts. What started as a simple dead for used k04-023 swap has gotten a little out of hand...! Old k04 from the spare engine has seen better days mind...! Proper update soon (maybe)
  10. Rainbird

    Rainbird's LCR

    Another incremental bit of progress: This is "Trevor", or so the message from DPD told me. Turns out his name is actually Ben, and he's a nice chap. He brings me gifts. Boost and Felix approve. TrevBen can visit again. Bit of a busy week, so whilst I'm hoping to get them fitted by the weekend that might get pushed right a little.
  11. Rainbird

    Rainbird's LCR

    Thanks! I originally fitted them because my existing tyres were worn and I had the R32s spare with good rubber, and at that point I wasn't actually all that convinced but they've definitely grown on me. The LCR Ronals are in dire need of a refurb (it appears that curbs were used as bumper guides for parking by a former driver) but I can't really afford to do them well at the mo, so I'll wait until I can rather than half-arsing it. Annoyingly the Aristos are also a little scuffed, but they're the best of the bunch so will be throwing new rubber on them at the weekend (ordered new tyres last week which are en route) (Y) Thanks man, appreciate the comments! Small update: Ok, not so much, but I did receive some parts off a slow boat from China... New reducing elbow for the 80mm TIP and a Coldside DV relocation kit as I've decided I can't be bothered to try and cram it all in on the hotside as that corner of the bay is tight. Won't look quiiiiiiiiiite so clean, but with a bit of work should do the trick. Quick test fit (using 63mm charge pipe as I don't yet have a TIP made up...): Initial impressions are decent. Hoses are nice and thick/stiffer than many I've used/seen before, despite costing a fraction of the usual UK prices. I'll likely cut down the DV takeoff on the relocation hose as it sits a little high (below) but that can wait until it's in the car. Excuse the fact the DV itself is in the wrong way, was only really there to hold things together! Need to get the metalwork welded up (annoyingly I don't have the skills, which would speed things up a bit) but then it shouldn't be too long before I can think about getting it in the car. Only minor issues being I have no free weekends for the next month and potentially start a new job at the start of April with a month away from home - doh!
  12. Rainbird

    VW Polo 6R

    Looking good man, A subtle drop (nothing severe, maybe 25-30mm) would complete the look and keep the OEM look nicely I've been trying to convince mum to let me throw some decent wheels on hers but she's playing hardball. I think she knows it'd be the start of a slippery slope! She did get a bit annoyed by the fact it uses the dipped beams as DRLs though, so I was able to get rid of that for her.
  13. Rainbird

    Rainbird's LCR

    You must be easily pleased! More seriously though, thanks man! With any joy I should be able to start making some "proper" progress some time soon.
  14. Rainbird

    Rainbird's LCR

    So, another week another boring update As I assume has been the case everywhere, the weather here has been pretty rubbish this week. Mostly heavy rain showers though some hail and sleet too. As a result, I headed indoors on the most part and figured I'd try and get a little more done to the engine whilst it was on the stand. Coolant hard lines first, I grabbed the line I'd removed from the AYP engine when I picked it up, which looked like this: Turns out that it's somewhat different the LCR (AMK/BAM) line, which was a bit of a pain. Some of the take offs are different and some don't exist at all. It'd be possible to connec the dots using hoses, but I'd like to keep things close to stock to ensure it goes in the bay and all plumbs in as easily as possible. Then I remembered there was one on the spare AMK lump I'd recently acquired: Whizzed the short/cut off hoses from it and cleaned it all up. Spot on with one exception... Turns out the o-ring that mounts to the 'stat housing had seen better days and looked to have been bodged with a little silicone too. Back to the AYP line to pinch the (fortunately decent) seal from there. Whilst I could have gone for a brand new one, it was in near-new condition so I'm happy it's up to the task. That said, if it leaks I'll throw a new one in. Whipped out the EGT sensor whilst I was hiding from the rain. Looks to be an M12x1.0mm thread so I'll get a stainless boss knocked up so I can fit it to the DP when I get it welded up. Seems to be the best spot for it when doing the k04-064 conversion, given I don't want to modify the integrated exhaust manifold to take it. Will have to factor in the drop in EGT by that point when mapping though of course... Has a slight nick in the braided shielding, so I may look to repair that down the line. That said, I may forget. We'll see. Assembled another set of shelves in an attempt to create a little more space in the garage. It helped, though I still need to go through and organise a few other bits and figure out a better solution for the bikes/boards (wall/roof mounting) With that sorted, there was a brief break in the rain so I popped out to the car. Figured it was time to throw in a new cabin filter. I was right. I'd been meaning to refit the arch liners I'd removed XXX amount of time ago for reasons I forget, and kept not doing it so that was the next job. First up scrubbing out the accumulated dirt and grime so as not to leave filth rotting away back there, then refitting the cleaned liners with all new bolts. Look at the state of that water, grim! A few showers later, the sun came out and so did Brownie. A few little bits under the bonnet between dodging the showers, with the foreman casting a scruitineering eye over all the work to make sure it was up to scratch. By the time we were done, it was getting dark and even wetter outside. Given we'd had a pretty heavy session the night before (culminating at around 7am) we figured it was safest to head indoors for a quiet social one. Pulled out the Corbeaus for some Forza They were soon hijacked So we shoved some beanbags out instead and cracked on Next day, I'd hoped to do a few minor pre-MOT bits. Nothing major, but I wanted to swap some wheels over to get the best tyres on (I'm waiting on a new set to arrive this week, annoyingly) and refitting the engine undertray. Popped out to the parents place to say hi, and pinched their campervan leveling ramps They're only really designed to help compensate for slightly sloping campervan pitches, so don't give much room but it's easier than jacking things up Enough for me to stick my head/arms under, only to realise that the undertray couldn't go on due to some light damage on its own mountings and a missing piece of trim below the gearbox. Ah well, I guess that gives a decent excuse to do something a little different down the line Anoyingly, the weather drew in again so I ventured back indoors. Prawn was kind enough to send a spare flywheel/pressure plate my way to try out, but it was looking a little tired. I'm well aware that it'll ever get seen and will only get dirty again, but it was raining and I had paint and a wire brush to hand... With no sign of the weather letting off, it was getting late. Many moons ago I'd had the subframe assembly off to fit an ARB and the tracking was a little out when refitted as I'd not centred the steering wheel (mong). I'd considered getting the tracking sorted but given my plans at the time were to drop the subframe again and fit a 3" DP, I didn't bother. The wheels were straight so things drove fine, however as the steering wheel was out by more than 4.5 degrees it popped up a code. Straightened things up by eye (to within tolerance) and went for a 15 mile drive so thing would settle down, leaving the engine running whilst clearing the code and resolving the issue. Bingo, clear dash for MOT (once I'd put some fuel in anyway!). These two were wondering what the hell I was doing. Standard. Ended the weekend with a fresh ticket. Good to go for another 12 months and that's a green light for finalising the engine swap really...
  15. Rainbird

    Rainbird's LCR

    It's my daily, so it needs to be looked after and roadworthy at all times - maintenance comes first, mods come second. Annoying at times, as it means I can't just take the car off the road for a week and do the engine/etc but needs must!