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  1. dieseldonicely

    MK2 16v

    That's really nice. I'm not keen on the manifold, but the mirrors and indicators are the sort of mods that would have been done in the 90's. It's quite similar to my 1990 oak green 16V. Similar mileage and unmolested. I've 'upgraded' a few things. Electric windows, 60-40 split rear seat with headrests, leather G60 steering wheel etc, but all the original parts have been packed away for safe keeping.
  2. dieseldonicely

    Just another ropey old corrado - 18” Q7 winters

    What the hell have you done?
  3. Are these still available? I know I might have left it a bit late, but I fancy going before the show turns into a playground for young wanabees on their first weekend away from Mummy and Daddy.
  4. dieseldonicely

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    I've had that dilemma over and over again. I have done less that 100 miles this year, so it makes no sense to keep it...but I would regret it if it went. Once it's gone, it's gone. Just like yours, I doubt there is another like it anywhere, so it could never be replaced. They do have some value, but they are not worth a life changing amount of money (which might sway a decision), so mines staying put.
  5. dieseldonicely

    Rup's T6 Transporter

    Nice pictures, but why get your wife in the last one?
  6. dieseldonicely

    VRS Estate

    Very nice Tom. Regarding the rear reflector, it does look much better and it's unlikely McScooby's lot will notice, but should someone run into the back of you at night, it could be their get out of jail card.
  7. dieseldonicely

    Retro fitting OEM xenons to VW mk1 Tiguan

    We have a Mk6 Golf the same age and that is far from straightforward. As well as the wiring, they'll need the correct BCM and coding to control the ballasts and bi-xenon shutters. The levelers won't work from the dashboard switch, so you'll be stuck with them in one position, unless you get the hardware for auto leveling. I'm sure it would be possible to get them working with a bit of butchery without all the stuff I just mentioned, but they will be far from plug and play. I fitted OEM bi-xenons in my previous Passat B5.5. That really was plug and play, but with CAN BUS, those days have long gone.
  8. dieseldonicely

    Tdi question modding

    It should have the engine output in KW on the data sticker.
  9. dieseldonicely

    Recommendations for bodywork/accident repair in SE Kent

    Go onto the golfgtiforum and ask Booth11. She's from Canterbury and about as fussy as it gets.
  10. dieseldonicely

    Show & Shine Scirocco GT

    I love these sort of back to original projects.
  11. https://www.kufatec.co.uk/shop/en/volkswagen/golf/golf-5-golf-5-plus-1k/seat-heating-harness-vw-golf-5 When you buy from Kufatec, you can download the fitting instructions. Looking at the picture of the loom, it seems easy peasy enough for you to do yourself.
  12. dieseldonicely

    Upvc door frame repair adhesive?

    What do you mean by rail? Are you taking about the drip mould that's fixed on the bottom rail of the door sash, or the bottom rail of the door sash itself? If it's the drip mould, you can replace that. Any window/door manufacture will sell you a length and end caps that you can cut to fit. If it's the door sash, then it's new door and frame time.
  13. dieseldonicely

    Tyre size recommendations

    I would have thought having no stretch was a good thing.
  14. dieseldonicely

    How to stripe your carpets:

    Also, in the video the mats are on the ground. Surely bits off the drive will stick to the underside of the mat, therefore need further shaking or vacing, otherwise you'll get bits on the carpet when you put them back in.
  15. dieseldonicely

    How to stripe your carpets:

    I thought it was to give the look of it been freshly done, like neat stripes on a lawn.