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  1. dieseldonicely

    Car Covers

    Despite the cover, the Mk3 rusted away.
  2. dieseldonicely

    General Clean

    I think there's little point in giving it a good clean and leaving it there, as the paint will most probably be dull and swirled underneath, so may well look worse when the sun catches it. It's well worth the effort spending the time decontaminating, polishing and protecting the paint. Not only will it look better, it will make future cleaning much easier.
  3. dieseldonicely

    Jonezy's 2.3 20v V5 170bhp

    I'm surprised it hasn't got heated seats. Most of the V range were speced with the winter pack.
  4. dieseldonicely

    Jonezy's 2.3 20v V5 170bhp

    It's an interesting car, but I always considered it a rather pointless one, given its lack of power and poor fuel consumption when new. I've not got much room to talk tho' as I bought a new 2.0 (barely a) GTI back in 1999.
  5. dieseldonicely

    My little old Mk2

    After about 18 months in hibernation, I sent it off to a local garage that knows these cars inside out last week. He's been working on them since they were new, so really knows what's needed to make them sing It had a full service, tune, cambelt, coolant hoses, front lower ball joint and a rear brake caliper. There was not much fuel in it, so it's had a fresh 20 litres of Super and a dose of injector cleaner to run through it. It was still a little hesitant when not under load after the service, but is getting better with every mile. Next on the list is a gear linkage service kit as it's a little slack, and it's possible to get reverse without pushing the lever down. It also needs new tyres as the current ones are 10 years old. Looking back at the old MOTs, it's only done 1336 miles since October 2015, so it's really time to start using it again.
  6. dieseldonicely

    My little old Mk2

    Let's see if these photos work 60/40 split rainbow rears with headrests Carpeted over the cardboard on the back of the seats Fully carpeted boot. CD changer velcro'd to the rear panel (no need for screws) Dubmania 2012
  7. dieseldonicely

    My little old Mk2

    I thought I ought to bump this up as Photobucket seems to be working again. About time I worked on a long overdue update.
  8. dieseldonicely

    The Pocket Money Project - MK3 Golf VR6 Highline

    Yes, those DTM tips need to go.
  9. dieseldonicely

    MK2 16v

    That's really nice. I'm not keen on the manifold, but the mirrors and indicators are the sort of mods that would have been done in the 90's. It's quite similar to my 1990 oak green 16V. Similar mileage and unmolested. I've 'upgraded' a few things. Electric windows, 60-40 split rear seat with headrests, leather G60 steering wheel etc, but all the original parts have been packed away for safe keeping.
  10. dieseldonicely

    Just another ropey old corrado - 18” Q7 winters

    What the hell have you done?
  11. Are these still available? I know I might have left it a bit late, but I fancy going before the show turns into a playground for young wanabees on their first weekend away from Mummy and Daddy.
  12. dieseldonicely

    Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 20v OEM+

    I've had that dilemma over and over again. I have done less that 100 miles this year, so it makes no sense to keep it...but I would regret it if it went. Once it's gone, it's gone. Just like yours, I doubt there is another like it anywhere, so it could never be replaced. They do have some value, but they are not worth a life changing amount of money (which might sway a decision), so mines staying put.
  13. dieseldonicely

    Rup's T6 Transporter

    Nice pictures, but why get your wife in the last one?
  14. dieseldonicely

    VRS Estate

    Very nice Tom. Regarding the rear reflector, it does look much better and it's unlikely McScooby's lot will notice, but should someone run into the back of you at night, it could be their get out of jail card.
  15. dieseldonicely

    Retro fitting OEM xenons to VW mk1 Tiguan

    We have a Mk6 Golf the same age and that is far from straightforward. As well as the wiring, they'll need the correct BCM and coding to control the ballasts and bi-xenon shutters. The levelers won't work from the dashboard switch, so you'll be stuck with them in one position, unless you get the hardware for auto leveling. I'm sure it would be possible to get them working with a bit of butchery without all the stuff I just mentioned, but they will be far from plug and play. I fitted OEM bi-xenons in my previous Passat B5.5. That really was plug and play, but with CAN BUS, those days have long gone.