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  1. Bunter225

    Turbo Whistle On Boost

    I hope its just loud spooling, It just seems way too loud, Im not sure if its a characteristic of the garrett turbo or a combinational effect of the remap and turbo together...
  2. Bunter225

    Turbo Whistle On Boost

    Hi guys, I bought an Anni TDI that has a Garrett 721021 fitted. It was fitted @ 53k, the car is on 81k now, its been remapped to around 195bhp & 280 ft/lb. Its pulls strong as hell its very quick. It boosts from around 2000rpm up to nearly 3500, theres a loud high pitch whistle from around 2100 to around 2600 which seems too high pitch for turbo boost then after that its sounds like a turbo should on boost with the normal whistle/swoosh of air. Its difficult to describe, Im concerned there is turbo trouble, ive had a listen to some videos but they just dont sound like mine. Ive read about some boost leaks but they seem to be accompanied by a small loss of power and it definately doesn't feel like its down. Can anyone help?
  3. Dam this thing looks awesome!
  4. Bunter225

    E38X - MY PICS

    Awesome photos, my first edition and loved it
  5. Bunter225

    6N2 GTi

    nice to look at it and know i had a hand in slammin it on its ass!