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  1. Wasn't sure what forum to post this on, but figured there may be a few here that have done this. With my new headunit (Pioneer AVH-X3800DAB) it has a feature where you can change the background to an image of your choice. It seems most double din pioneers now do this. Only problem is, I can't get it to work! No matter how many things I've tried I just get the error "Unplayable file" And after I pull the stick out, It's left a folder with this odd file in it? I've tried all the advice currently online that fixed this issue for others, but to no avail. - Tried buying a new Memory stick - Tried altering the picture dimensions, and colour sampling settings. - Tried formatting the stick and adding the pictures using both my Mac, and Windows PC. - Tried having the stick with several pictures on, and just one picture on. - Tried about 5 different memory sticks in my house. Any thoughts? It's a nice feature to have given that most headunits come with backgrounds that look gash. Cheers.
  2. Jason_E

    MK1 Octavia VRS, Lemon Yellow.

    I pretty much had the same experience as you but for a lot less money! I think they're all designed to last for about 3 years (as most people buying them new only keep them for that). Older ones seem to be stronger.
  3. Jason_E

    MK1 Octavia VRS, Lemon Yellow.

    It's been really well maintained. Felt sorry for the guy as he waved goodbye to the car he's had the last 11 years!
  4. Jason_E

    MK1 Octavia VRS, Lemon Yellow.

    The 330 (mine was a manual) wasn't awful on fuel at all. Quite easy to see 30mpg on a run, and around town it was mid 20s. The reason I say expensive to run is the hundreds of thousands of "common faults" they have. Probably the most unreliable car I've owned, and I have run a £350 Alfa 156. They have torque, they sound nice and have toys. But I've been put off BMWs for life. By the time I sold mine a lot of the common faults (VANOS seals, DISA valve, broken keys, broken locks etc) I had done and the new owner got a massive bargain. But I just totally fell out of love for it.
  5. Well it appears I am now a Skoda owner. After the painful running costs of my BMW 330ci, I decided it was time to go back to VAG. For the money, MK1 VRS' seemed to be a bit of a bargain when you think about it. MK4 GTI with more power, more practicality and due to the nature of the brand they tend to be better looked after as well! So, I started looking. I knew what I really wanted was something that had done below 100k, and preferably yellow. I thought this was a little unrealistic until I stumbled upon this Gem on eBay! After trying to contact the very busy owner about prices and what he'd take in cash to end the auction early, a very agreeable price was mentioned and that was it. I was on a train from my home town of Bicester, all the way to Bognor. When I got there I wasn't disappointed at all. The very nice chap was the 2nd owner, and he'd had it for 11 years. In that time, he'd kept just about every receipt you can think of, all the old tax discs and had it serviced only by Skoda Main Dealers. The car itself had only covered 86k which for the age is well below average, and in the last year its barely covered 5k. As well as it having lovely original things like a full tool kit, luggage net and full size spare alloy, he also threw in another full size spare into the deal for a bit of extra cash. Happy days! I love buying cars like this. The owner reminded me of myself, in that he's taken pride in his car and always spent extra where he can to keep it mint. Little things like respraying the plastic parts as to stop the dreaded paint fade, making sure the car has a set of GOOD matching tyres etc etc. I've already sorted its first modification, a new stereo (since I wanted iPod connectivity, and bluetooth hands free). I'm quite particular in audio quality, so it had to be an Alpine unit. As for the door speakers, they'll be upgraded with some sound deadening and probably 4 JL components from the TR range. I'm looking at remapping it, but other than a KandN filter its totally standard at the moment. Due to the fact it will be a custom written remap, I may wait until I have my exhaust guy sort me out with something a little more free flowing, although not too loud! Anyway, I await the "Grandad" "Skip" "Taxi" jokes haha.
  6. Jason_E

    Another MK5 Golf GTI.

    Thanks Driveable height is the key with this one, it is a hot hatch after all! Oh, and ask and ye shall recieve!
  7. Jason_E

    Another MK5 Golf GTI.

    They are ET37, so in theory should tuck! I've got adjustable top mounts on the way, and if needs be (although I should be fine) I'll give the back some camber too.
  8. Jason_E

    Another MK5 Golf GTI.

    Got some Adjustable top mounts on the way, will put better tyres on too. Other than that, ARB's and strut braces etc. I just like driving this. Done so many stupid low cars I'm loving having something I can thrash about in.
  9. Jason_E

    Another MK5 Golf GTI.

    Cheers fellas! Yes I do like the colour. Couldn't resist these wheels when they came up for sale either, haven't seen any on a mk5 before so took the gamble. I'm happy myself although seem to be dividing opinions.
  10. Jason_E

    Another MK5 Golf GTI.

    So in October 2012, I picked up this MK5 GTI. And as of last night, I finally did something with it. Golf x BBS by Jason.Easton, on Flickr Golf x BBS by Jason.Easton, on Flickr Golf x BBS by Jason.Easton, on Flickr Golf x BBS by Jason.Easton, on Flickr Dropped on some FK's and BBS VZ's. Have a few things to iron out, but overall I'm happy with the look. Just need to get it more driveable (it is a hot hatch) and find a solution to the all the banging and grinding etc.
  11. This is proper special stuff! Love it. The personal touches are cool too.
  12. Jason_E

    ESVW - MKV GTI Build Thread

    I like where this is going.
  13. Jason_E

    Alpine IVE-W530BT

    I have this stereo, and I just connected it to the earth at the back of the stereo. Means you can watch DVD's whilst you're driving.... but don't watch DVD's whilst you're drriivvvvinnggggg!
  14. Jason_E

    Apple lightning 5pin Headunits

    My Alpine W530BT apparently has a Beta Firmware update to make it iPhone 5 Compatible. Not sure if they stretched that to other models! But I just used my iPod classic, or bluetooth stream the music to the stereo atm.