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  1. petie


    I used to watch teletext to put me to sleep, looking through the job adverts and news stories, very relaxing/boring. Also, bamboozle.
  2. petie


    I miss teletext.
  3. petie


    Sell some stuff then.
  4. petie

    Audi A1 by mgpdoc ••

    This is lovely, not my usual thing but just gone through the thread and it really is pretty great.
  5. petie

    Golf misfire

    Changed your leads? Coil pack?
  6. petie

    2.0tdi 170 timing adjustment help!!!!

    Wish you’d tell my boss this, he’s always trying to shaft his techs even when it’s nothing to do with us!
  7. petie

    MK4 1.8T Starting issues :(

    You had it scanned for faults?
  8. petie

    2.0tdi 170 timing adjustment help!!!!

    Looks like you’re in for a decent road trip then!
  9. petie

    2.0tdi 170 timing adjustment help!!!!

    Can’t a more local tuner do it?
  10. petie

    EGR and MOT issues

    I’m not sure I understand. The engine light should come on regardless, whether you’ve got an egr delete or not. Unless of course it never had an engine light in the first place. But you’d need to find out and prove it.
  11. petie

    Airlift help! Air ride sinks

    As it’s your front bags leaking you want to be soaking them first, then the air supply lines to them and then if you find nothing from that then the control manifold, but obviously be a bit sensible spraying around that.
  12. petie

    Lupo GTi (Jap Import)

    Looks like moon silver to me, not sure if they did both silvers in Japan or not, can’t see why not.
  13. petie

    Golf tdi help required

    Well that’d be a good start really, although I can’t imagine a garage not doing that as soon as they got it onto the shop floor, plug it in and scan it, then road test it depending on what the scan comes up with.
  14. petie

    Golf tdi help required

    Any fault codes from the garage scans?
  15. petie

    Jonezy's MK4 Golf TDI

    Just do what I do and go for a decent blast with the kid to the coast on your day off! I only do 60 miles a week and have just gone from an arl golf to an arl leon