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  1. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    soo had a busy weekend, we took the rear helpers out and lowered the back down to close up the horrendous arch gap!!! then it was raining s couldnt clean it got up at 4am to clean it before we went to gti spring fest so hers how it sits now and with the bullets back on but with a change few photos on the way pretty crap quality but that phone pics for you couple of pictures from show and shine at gti spring fest...obviously didnt win becuase well its a polo but it was fun anyway
  2. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    soo i took the bullets off and put some g60's on while i sort the bullets out.... cleaned it the other day as it was nice weather and also put a german rear light in....sorry jonny i liked yours so had to get one 8-) and i got tagged on somebody randoms instagram from the traffic for UD that made me quite happy bullets hould be back on soon!!
  3. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    changed my bung (bmx barend) on my de wiper this one is less tatty that my old one still need to spray the little plastic plate though smarten it up abit :oops: properly gave it a good clean up ready for ud13 only to drive up in these conditions... pointless putting the effort into cleaning the car :crybaby: thought i had better post up my favourite car from UD13 as well.... i llove the shape of these and the build fro this thing started at christmas, thats 3 months to do the whole thing!!!! over the next few weeks, lower it a little bit more definatley at the back!!! might swap back to standard exhaust although not sure yet! and maybe a couple more things before gti springfest/early edition depending on which my group of friends choose..... :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:
  4. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    soo i changed my rear badge last night as well. back to the original originality for the win!!! cleaned the polo and lupo this weekend testing a fisheye app out on my phone as well
  5. oOTORREOo

    static mk2 on rota's

    im really not usually a fan of 5 door mk2's but i love yours!! it sits nice mate and the wheels are a good choice!!! becareful they dont get stolen...i want some
  6. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    Thank you mate hopefully this will still progress abit more this year
  7. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    So this weekend My helpers were taken out by my friend and we adjusted the height of the front So here is the result, im quite happy with it still got like 4 threads left to go as well!! We then had a cleaning session with my friends fresh out of paint mk3 golf and my little brothers lupo Took it for a test drive to the local skatepark as it was a sunny-(ish) day Then when we came back my friend gave me his lupo/6n2 gearknob and fitted that as he changed his gear knob in his golf. Then next day at work I was bored on my lunch soo swapped my black badge out for my old original one as I prefer it. hopefully this weekend I will be replacing my brakes and test fitting my 6n2's as I have finally got round to shaving one of them down
  8. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    No Updates....Just Got Bored The Other Day Soo Took This Picture.
  9. oOTORREOo

    2004 Audi A3 8P

    OEM, Clean, and Subtle!! I cannot wait for my own A3
  10. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    That sounds like a questionable nice lol cheers dude, think i saw on ig that you have done yours now? come out ok?
  11. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    Arches have been rolled came out well, small crack in the pain on the front left, but its under neathe the arch so you cant actually see it.
  12. oOTORREOo

    Poppy the Purple Haze polo

    This is a lovely car man
  13. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    Yeah man sure I'm running 7's all round et20 and using 165/55 tyres hope this helps
  14. oOTORREOo

    My 6n....

    Cheers mate
  15. oOTORREOo

    lets build a mk2

    this is awesome ive always wanted a mk2 but knowing nothing about body work or mechanics and no unit has put me off im subscribing to this! see you at UD