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  1. Mark-VR

    Vr6 turbo spluttering and misfiring

    Honestly not sure about those things. Maf possibly.... Temp sensor ? Not sure.
  2. Mark-VR

    Vr6 turbo spluttering and misfiring

    Boost leak ? CoilPack ?
  3. Mark-VR

    Golf mk2 R36

    This thread has lots of promise ! Looking forward to keeping up to date with this ! Thanks for taking the time to post :-)
  4. Mark-VR

    Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    Love this ! My hat is off ! THIS is what we want to see when we go to car shows ! Not some 6 month old rental car slammed on air ride and big wheels. You could keep coming back to this car over and over and see something new, some little detail. THIS is what the car scene "Used" to be about. Credit to you for keeping it going !
  5. Mark-VR

    New (to me) VW

    Exactly the same as me if I'm honest ! Nothing finer than an easy trouble free life
  6. Mark-VR

    New (to me) VW

    You're the man of the relationship ? Are you not ? You don't convince her... You merely tell her what you want. She will have to deal with it or move on. I don't see the issue ?
  7. Mark-VR


  8. Mark-VR

    10mm Spacers for C5 RS6 ?

    Looking for some HubCentric 10mm Spacers for a C5 RS6, Possibly H&R ? Including any longer bolts that are needed. 4 in total. Can I grab a price including postage please if you can help ? Thanks, Mark.
  9. Mark-VR

    FAO: Child in the UP.

    Don't the same complaints get made year on year now ? And nothing is ever done about it ? It's the reason why I never bother going to this show anymore. It used to be one of the greats, but sadly is now one to avoid unless your idea of having a good time is getting smashed and doing donuts and drifts in a field. Until somebody get's killed or seriously injured, I don't see it changing. Also, anyone got any links to this vid ? Must be hosting elsewhere also.
  10. Mark-VR

    Hole Filling

    Sadly this is not the thread I had hoped it might be....... :-(
  11. Mark-VR

    wishbone removal

    Pretty sure it will.
  12. Mark-VR

    dark red girl car

    Likely.... Instagram rubbish.....
  13. Mark-VR

    2003 C5 RS6 coilovers

    I have the KW on my RS6 and they seem pretty good. Awesome ride, not to hard, but not saggy given the weight of the car.
  14. Mark-VR

    Mk3 VR6 Misfire

    So what was the actual problem ? The plugs ? The Leads ? The Coilpack ? Seems unlikely they were all borked ?
  15. Mark-VR

    Mercedes AMG GT Detail

    Awesome car, but wow, that has to be the tackiest plate I have seen is quite some time haha. In fact..... Thinking about it.... Does the car belong to that Youtube chav ? I seem to remember him having a Jag at some point ? Certainly explains the plate