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  1. adam-

    No power to injector

    You waited 24 hours and expect a response about an engine literally no-one cares about on a dead forum? Not sure what you want to know either, the AA told you there is no power at the injector. They're all tied to positive and grounded out by the ECU. If there's no power, it's about 5 inches before the next injector. Check loom, find problem. Glad to be of help. x
  2. adam-

    Vr6 turbo spluttering and misfiring

    Coils, MAF, MAP? How does the ECU measure boost? Does it?
  3. adam-

    Vag Com - ABS & Airbag Query

    So yeah, recode cluster and edit ECU flash.
  4. adam-

    Vag Com - ABS & Airbag Query

    That won't cause the dash lights though, you'll need to use them out in the cluster; change soft coding. Also no idea what car you're talking about.
  5. adam-

    Vag Com - ABS & Airbag Query

    Need to edit the file. CAN CWs need changed.
  6. adam-

    Amarok Coolant Loss

    It'll leave a pink crust. Just hunt about for it. Or get the UV dye for it.
  7. adam-


    Stop posting pooe. Logs, diagnostics. You're asking us to diagnose a problem with absolutely no information whatsoever. Smoke test it, log boost...
  8. adam-


  9. Engine is dead then. Oil pressure is just a switch. You'll have a cam fault because the VVT is actuated with oil pressure. Possibly a dead VVT, or bearings worn.
  10. Measure ACTUAL oil pressure with a gauge. No fcking about. If it's low and the oil pump is new, that motor is worn. Replace.
  11. adam-

    FAO: Child in the UP.

    All of this really. Was parked up literally next to us during Sunday. Not sure why he was let in. PS13 boy was good in my opinion; kept it slow, safe and while I don't think it's a good idea to be smashing round a campsite doing drifts, atleast he could do it. Same as the 350Z. Boy wasn't too bad. Not sure why the price went up this year either. £45 for a weekend is redic. Toilets were still blocked, security were the same wenks as last year - my burd and my best mate had it out with them (you'll see them in the video, boy with the colourful wife beater) and the burd arguing with the H addict.
  12. adam-

    FAO: Child in the UP.

    I was just disappointed at the severe lack of power/order. While I get that they are not the police and ultimately do not have the power to remove keys - they should be stern enough to escort these people off the site and do not allow them to return. A static thing would be fine, but waking up the morning knowing you won't be able to walk to the toilet in time for a hangover poo isn't nice. I drive. But once we're back from pooing, the car doesn't move all day. The show field was cracking but the racing around on grass isn't on in my opinion.
  13. adam-

    FAO: Child in the UP.

    There was a girl last year hit in the face when some passer-by had thrown a can in their fire. Took out the gazebo.