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  1. Holdawayt

    MK2 16v

    Very smart! I'd paint the inlet mani silver, tidy up the gearbox cosmetically and get out and enjoy it.
  2. Holdawayt

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    I whipped the rear coilovers off the weekend just gone for a tidy up. They looked quite bad and I was fully prepared to replace them but they tidied up a treat and with a bit of heat from a blow torch the locking collars span off no bother. Fronts are coming off next weekend for the same treatment, I'll have to raise the car slightly too for track use as it's currently in poser mode. The handbrake and brake conversion is all done, I just need to take delivery of some 15mm spacers then I'll be able to put the wheels back on and adjust the handbrake tension. I really want it to be strong enough to hold the car still while I spin the front wheels up prior to a track run. Hopefully the Mk4's will do the job.
  3. Holdawayt

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    Pretty much. I think after 88 they put the handbrake cables on top of the rear beam and the hard lines underneath, as mine is an early car it's the other way round so you have to get a bit creative for it all to work. I just took the calipers off the carriers, flipped them the right way up, wedged a block of wood and bled them that way, worked a treat.
  4. Holdawayt

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    Jamie, Have a look at the Honda CX500 cafe racers that people have done. Different type of V to the Virago but they make a beautiful noise and look cool. I should be getting some power back to the workshop this week so the bike can progress. On the Golf front... The Mk4 caliper conversion is finished, the brake pedal feels great and the handbrake is holding beautifully. I've pulled the coilovers off for a strip down and overhaul so that'll be this weeks job. I didn't get any pics of the work as it's all pretty similar to last time but i'll get some pics of the coilovers once they're cleaned up.
  5. Holdawayt

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    The car has been moved to my Father-in-law's house as he's an absolute legend and wants to help, between us we have enough experience to really do this car justice. We took it out for a quick blast before putting it away, the engine is really healthy and with 170bhp and hardly any weight - it really pulls well. First job was to make a start on the mk4 rear caliper swap, now before you slate me for mounting them upside down - I'm told by the best in the business that this is correct when installing them on an early Mk2 like mine. I'm just waiting for my conversion hoses off Goodridge before we can complete the install. The subframe and arches are due for a tidy up too. The headlights were knackered so I've replaced them with a set of crystal units. I couldn't leave the old rusty bolts in so I've replaced them with stainless M6 cap head screws (this should be a common theme throughout the car). Together with the uprated headlight loom and the superbright OSRAM bulbs I should have decent visibility at night. While i was there I also mounted the oil cooler slightly lower down on some new brackets. Eventually I'll paint the areas showing surface rust so there's not as much of a contrast between new and old. Next weekend we'll finish off the handbrake cables and bleed the brakes. The coilovers (FK Konigsport) have been removed so I'll attack them with a wire brush and give them a service. The previous owner who originally turned this into a track car has been in touch, the engine is a TSR 2.1 ABF bottom end with a tuned KR head (exhaust cam mod, ported and polished, baffled sump etc). That would explain why it pulls so well (I've edited the first post now I know the spec). Not much but progress is progress, track day booked at Curborough on the 23rd April so that's our target. Thanks for reading, Tom.
  6. Holdawayt

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    Time for a brief and underwhelming update. The MOT ran out on the Golf in August and it was far from road legal as it was. I've had to fit the original bonnet for the windscreen washer system and I've retrofitted a washer bottle system. Fitting the original bonnet meant fitting a new bonnet release catch and cable. I didn't get pics of this as it's fairly boring stuff. I've gone round the car with a typical MOT inspection in mind and I'm not far off now. I have a split CV boot that will need some attention and I've got a few more lights and warning lamps to fix but it's almost there. In other news I've installed my SWG Motorsport scuttle cover. I love how these look and it also keeps my feet dry as I don't have any of the heater system etc. Progress is going to slow somewhat as this isn't my only project. I have a BMW R100RT that I'm chopping up into a café racer. Apologies if you're a purist but I've always wanted to do a boxer twin and this came up at the right price. I've carried out a fork conversion from a 2008 GSXR 750 which gives me better road handling and far superior brakes. Sorry if you're not into bikes, thought it might be cool for some. Cheers, Tom.
  7. Holdawayt

    530d sudden power loss

    Sounds like a boost leak, very common on this engine. Whip the boost pipes off and inspect them, you'll probably find the top one has a nice rip in it.
  8. Holdawayt

    Saving *THAT* Brown V5 GLI Bora

    Never seen or heard of the car before but it looks a lot better than when you started. Good job.
  9. Holdawayt

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    Dash would be fine, it's the door bars clashing with the door cards I'd be concerned about. I've had a look and I reckon standard door cards would fit behind there without the speaker box. That's as far as I took it though, if I start fitting door cards I'm in danger of taking the cage out I might as well put the interior back to standard.
  10. Holdawayt

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    Cheers Gibson, good to be back. It's a dash dodger mate, it's surprisingly roomy in there with the cage. Then again there's no door cards, carpet or headlining to get in the way lol
  11. Holdawayt

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    Bit of an update then. The car was very *ahem* crusty in places. The worst bits were the rear panel where it meets the boot floor and the rear strut tops. The sills were looking a bit worse for wear too. One of the previous owners had filled these holes with fibreglass filler so I decided to have it done properly. As this is going to be on track a fair bit I wanted to make sure it was as rigid as it could be (roll cage helps but I wanted to be sure). I sent the Golf to Jon at Broad Arrow Classic Cars in Stourbridge. He had the car for a week and has cut all of the structural rot out and replaced it with good metal. He also stitch welded around my rear struts. Not sure if there's any benefit but I've seen it done on some race builds. There's a load more pics but I won't bore you. The end result is a nice solid starting point that I can chuck around a circuit without worrying about what the chassis is doing too much. In other news I've replaced the temp sensor that moves the gauge in the dash, changed the plugs, carried out a full service including refurbing the front mounted oil cooler and bled the brakes. This weekend I'll be investigating a noisy tappet and finally giving the old girl a wash. Updates as and when, cheers for reading!
  12. Holdawayt

    Mk2 2.1 TSR ABF Track Toy

    Hi all, Just a very brief introduction (I've been here before but it was some years ago). I'm Tom from Stourbridge in the midlands and this is my new project. It's a 2.1 litre bottom end from TSR with a ported and polished KR head running on Kjet. It has the exhaust cam mod and a few other fancy bits. I'll pull it all apart and confirm full spec but it goes like stink and sounds stunning. The car has been stripped of carpets, door cards, headlining, soundproofing etc, all of which was replaced with 2 bucket seats, pvc windows and a safety devices roll cage. There's a lot more going on like vibratechnics engine mounts, FK coilovers and those Compomotives but I'll touch on those in future posts. The PVC windows would be fine in winter, however lack of ventilation turned the Golf into an oven during summer so I've bunged the electric windows back in and now I can drive the thing with some ventilation! Further plans are to get some welding sorted, Wilwood brake conversion with Mk4 rears, get it MOT passable and enjoy it on track and the road. Can't wait to get some more pics and share the rest of the project with you. Tom.
  13. Holdawayt

    Alpine White MK2 VR6

    Glad to see you're still active Gibson. I've come full circle and I'm eyeing up Mk2s again (for the 4th time lol). Hope to see the old girl back out soon. Tom.
  14. Holdawayt

    Alpine White MK2 VR6

    It'll be a Trigger's broom if you carry on!
  15. Holdawayt

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    Subscribed (I haven't seen anything decent on this forum for ages so fair play for keeping this going). The pink might've been a block coat between the blue and black but if not - jeez someone was a dick to that car lol. Keep it up.