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  1. MoeMk5

    Bodyshop in Heathrow area?

    Thanks guys! Had no luck so far with the paintless dent repair companies, most of them are turning the work down because the wing is Aluminium and the dent has screwed the swage line up, thus the traditional dent repair methods apparently wont work. So it has to be a filler & full repaint job. I will give Klear Autoworks a shot.
  2. MoeMk5

    Bodyshop in Heathrow area?

    Massive thread revival here. Second time this has happened within the last 3 months. Parked my car up near a relatives house and have come back to a slight dent in the wing of my BMW F10 Doesnt look like a car has hit it, more like damage inflicted by a bicycle. Checked to see if there was CCTV around the area and was unsuccessful. Can anyone recommend a good bodyshop / dent repair person in West London? I live around the Heathrow area too. Sucks because I've just been selling a bunch of stuff to put into a house deposit and this happens (again - last time someone made a huge gash in my drivers door) Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  3. Love your cars, especially the S.W.A.T van Kav! Hope you're well!
  4. MoeMk5

    GurpalD's Daily Mk5

    Cars looking nice Gurpal, will look amazing with the speedlines refurbed. Also love the Kenwood headunit. Makes me miss my mk5 a lot, really regret selling it as I had it lowered on Audi fat 5's, RNS510 was great and worked well with the highline spec. Had it mapped by Revo, which really opened the car up. If your mk3 is anything to go by, I'm sure this will be something special.
  5. MoeMk5

    My Golf Mk5 :)

    That is lovely, the colour is real nice. makes me miss my mk5.
  6. Looks fantastic, the wheels look spot on. Also, if I'm not mistaken, do I spy a white Triumph Stag in the reflections?
  7. MoeMk5

    Golf/Jetta MK5 Front Lower Lip

    Yes mate, the Gti and ED30 lips will both fit the GT sport bumper as the skin is primarily the same as a GTi front bumper. There are a few differences like grills etc.
  8. MoeMk5

    Easter Special Waxathon

    255 - Second guess
  9. MoeMk5

    Fuse holder melting

    Used to happen to me in my old Polo 6n2. Was running 2 Kicker L7's with a decent JBL Amp. Was sold 4 gauge cable and was told it was sufficient for the amount of power I was drawing. (Also powering a seperate amp and 4 door speakers) Blew literally everyday until I sold the whole setup as I was fedup. Only to find out a couple weeks later that I needed 0/2 gauge cable. However, I'm sure 4 gauge is suitable for the amount of power you're drawing out, so as Bassboy said, could also be a dodgy earth connection.
  10. 3136 - Missed out the 3, sorry. Don't know if you can edit at this point
  11. MoeMk5

    Scirocco GT TDI

    Ah, I see, yeah that'd be a pain lol Looks brilliant though dude. Any front end shots?
  12. MoeMk5

    Scirocco GT TDI

    That looks lovely, especially with that colour leather. Can I ask if there's a reason you deactivated the DRL's? Is it just personal preference with them off? Any plans mate?
  13. MoeMk5

    My Golf MK5 1.6 FSI OEM+

    That's a decent spec mk5 mate, comes with some cool features, folding mirrors, dual zone etc. Love the cream interior too. Is that a votex front splitter?
  14. MoeMk5

    Wife's MK5 Golf Daily Baby Wagon..

    That looks great dude, I like the merc wheels. Any pictures of the rear valance - colour coded? I've got a steel grey 1.9tdi on 18" Audi fat fives, thinking about colour coding the rear valance too. Also looking for a facelift GT front bumper, but thinking about keeping it standard like yours. I've set my indicators as dim DRL's using Vagcom, think it really sets the front end of.
  15. MoeMk5

    Merc slk 230 kompressor roof not working?

    Not being funny, but saw the same thing on an episode of wheeler dealers. Think the relay had gone. That's the link to the video. Sorry I can't be of much more help.