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  1. CraigBmx

    1980 Golf BRN

    Didn't expect this many replies haha, cheers. Been doing quite a lot on it recently without taking many photos. finished up the pedals, just need to paint it all up and run the clutch line Managed to get hold of the gear knob I wanted, nos item which I'm strangely very happy with Mounted the o2j shifter, machined out a stainless extender to convert it from mk4 to mk1 m12 type. Still need to make a little bracket for the rear two holes. Re bent the original brake lines and put into t's as my master only has two outlets. Also done the water lines. Realised after I had done them that the heater valve hit the 16v servo so isn't as neat as I wanted. Terrible picture Covered the engine in grey, another terrible picture And something I'm currently doing at work for it, air filter inlet pipe. happy with it at the moment. Machining up a alloy maf housing to exact spec of an oem item then welding it onto the 70mm inlet pipe, making the maf housing 70mm also so should look quite good, I hope...
  2. CraigBmx

    1980 Golf BRN

    Thanks guys, nothing wrong with a 5 door haha. The is a old show car built by Danny smith, won a load of awards and been in a few magazines. Considering it was done 10 or so years ago it's still in amazing condition, exactly how I would of done a mk1. Cheers man, I did notice you had deleted it as I searched the other day for it, was thinking black plates for this
  3. CraigBmx

    1980 Golf BRN

    Haven't done this in a while but thought someone might be interested, maybe. Bought it a few months back after a last minute bid. Sold my e28 and thought this was going to be a non project car that I'd just lower, wheels and use... I'll just upload pictures that are up to now, but short story is I could never get the original 1.5 auto to work correctly, every possible thing new, carb rebuilt etc. Done the logical thing and pulled my car I had driven twice apart. Didn't want to take the 30k odd mileage engine out
  4. CraigBmx

    Skodalads VRS

  5. CraigBmx

    Mk 2 coupe build

    looks pretty pal
  6. CraigBmx

    PD spluttering

    live logged the injectors, turbo is the original 130 Garrett, fuel filter was three months ago, mk2 tank which is clear, k&n filter with two month old genuine maf, alternator needs to be tested to be honest. battery is decent, earth is good and the wiring is fine.
  7. CraigBmx

    PD spluttering

    hi, I have a pd130 in my mk2, recently I was doing a 300 mile trip to get some wheels, on the way home the car started to start loosing some power when cruising. it's not a instant cut more like the wind was slowing me down. drove it for a couple more days and it's got worse spluttering. it's totally fine on full throttle which is odd and will sometimes not do it at all. cars been running fine since March. replaced the injector loom yesterday which hasn't helped, logged the injectors on a run whilst the driving and they're all fine, run dead straight and well within the tolerances. it feels like it's running on no fuel but is fine when foot down so I can't see it being fuel starvation, plus I'm running a lift pump, swirl pot and a 330d inline pump as well as the tandem pump so I don't think fuel is the issue. if anyone has any suggestions that'd be great as its annoying, harder to find due to it not always happening. does it hot or cold as well and I have no egr and the inlet was cleaned early in the year. cheers Craig
  8. CraigBmx

    Cope's GTI

    really nice man
  9. CraigBmx

    1984 PD130

  10. CraigBmx

    1984 PD130

    haha I'm actually enjoying mine with proper tyres, maybe one day I'll put it down again. as for air ride aha never.
  11. CraigBmx

    1984 PD130

  12. CraigBmx

    1984 PD130

    thanks for the comments
  13. CraigBmx

    1984 PD130

    didn't manage to make ee in the end due to a leaky tyre and the wheels not fitting at all. been driving it daily for three weeks now and it's been great, the limp mode issue continued but I could clear it by turning it on and off which got me thinking it must be down to power going to the n75. turned out e/14 wasn't a good place to run the power for the maf/n75 as the power was cut as soon as the pumps had primed, didn't really think when I wired it now. rewired it a couple of days ago and hasn't done it since so I think that's fixed, although I think the turbo is on its way out as there's a bit of blue smoke and keeps making a resirc noise aha. anyway here's so pictures my 'mate' andybmx took:
  14. CraigBmx

    Miami Vice

    love the comps man, was so close to buying them, wish I had now!
  15. CraigBmx

    Andy's mk2 vr6

    shame he didn't Photoshop it lower for you.