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  1. patmore

    Girling 60’s audi s2 brakes

    it comes with the nipples but I'm not sure if they are stainless, ill have to find some if not.
  2. patmore

    Girling 60’s audi s2 brakes

    Cheers dude all sorted, £50 for a full rebuild kit
  3. Hi all, I can’t for the life of me find a rebuild kit for my s2 brakes, does anyone know the size of the pistons ? And where I can find replacements ?
  4. patmore

    G60 bottom pulley

    Hi all, I’m on the middle of sorting bits on my G60, I’m looking at swapping the crank bolt as I know they are prone to snapping, I’ve removed the bottom pulley and it has separated, I’m not running PAS so my question is can I remove this heavy lump and just run the 6pk belt or do I need the v belt insert? Also is there any decent upgrades ?
  5. patmore

    AGU head on PB lump

    Ok cheers
  6. patmore

    AGU head on PB lump

    I am just interested to know if this head would work on a 1.8 8v pb bottom end ? i have a spare AGU head laying about that has been gas flowed and skimmed, i need to do a head gasket change anyway so the 8v head needs to come off. will there be any gains from this ? or will it be a terrible idea ? also would i have to run a new ecu or would the carb option be the only way ?
  7. patmore

    Mk2 Jetta pb

    Ok I'll get a multi meter on it tonight. I've tried both the relays I have both do the same. I'm using number 53 is this ok ?
  8. patmore

    Mk2 Jetta pb

    Ignition feed, but it was working before like this
  9. patmore

    Mk2 Jetta pb

    Hi all I've recently put a digifant 2 engine and ecu in my car, it was originally carbed, I blew my first ecu up and have purchased a new one, plugged it in and fired up first time every time. Then I unplugged the engine loom a wrapped it since then it's not started again I've unwrapped the loom and I can't see any problems, also I have a remote fuel pump relay that is continually clicking as I'm cranking the engine, anyone have any ideas ? I've got spark and compression and I have fuel up to the rail but not sure if the relay is the problem.
  10. patmore

    Mk2 jetta front engine mount issue

    Yer the mk2 one is from 020, that's what I'll use, cheers dude I've ordered some bolts from eBay now so hopefully with the mk2 mount it should work
  11. patmore

    Mk2 jetta front engine mount issue

    Ok I have both mounts but I would rather use the mk2 mount but the bolts still aren't long enough
  12. patmore

    Mk2 jetta front engine mount issue

    If I use the corrado one will I need to change the crossmember? Or get a solid engine mount ? Also what's the difference?
  13. patmore

    Mk2 jetta front engine mount issue

    Yer my original mk2 ones are too short and the new ones are a bigger thread so they don't screw into to mount
  14. Hi all I have recently put a 20vt in my mk2 but I don't know what bolts to use on my front engine mount? I'm issuing an 02A DPA gearbox from an ABF, and my original bolts are too short, and the ABF bolts are too fat,
  15. not much longer now