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  1. spew44

    Mk2 Clutch

    how easy is changing the clutch cable on a 1990 mk2 gti 16v? any how to guides as i've never done this before. cheers Huw
  2. spew44

    MK2 16v Brakes

    as suspected... air in the front lines. bled properly by the boss rather than the muppet who works for him and all's fine.
  3. spew44

    MK2 16v Brakes

    as i thought... thanks fellas. Huw
  4. spew44

    MK2 16v Brakes

    just picked my car up after a service and the brake pedal feels spongy as hell! i assume this is down to air in the system somewhere but as i had a caliper replaced out back the system should've been bled. the pedal goes rock hard when pumped with the engine off but spongy again after braking once whilst driving. i do have somewhere close to normal stopping power but have to virtually hit the floor to get it. any ideas would be great before i take it back down to the garage. cheers Huw
  5. spew44

    Massive puddle in my mk2

    thanks guys. blocked drain holes was the problem an has now been sorted.
  6. spew44

    Massive puddle in my mk2

    Thanks fellas. will check all the grommets etc tomorrow. should the grommets all be fine is there any way to tell if the heater matrix is the problem without actually taking it out?
  7. spew44

    Massive puddle in my mk2

    Help please..!! i have just found a pond in the rear footwell on the drivers side of my mk2. there is also some water in the drivers footwell too but nowhere near as much. my first thought was heater matrix but the previous owner said he'd replaced it with a new one (there is a receipt for one) 2 yrs ago. the headlining is dry so it's not the sunroof and the carpets round the drivers door seal are dry too. if it is the heater matrix would the heater still blow warm air? and if it isn't the matrix, what the flip else could let in a small tsunami? Thanks Huw
  8. looking at a 2ltr 16v swap next year but not really sure which engine to use. basically it's to go into a 1990 16v mk2 and the 9a or abf are the obvious choices. what's the difference in terms of ease of conversion and power/torque/upgrade potential etc any help much appreciated. Huw
  9. Pi$$ing me right off now! Drivers door will open on the remote central locking but nothing else will! including the fuel filler cap and i'm running dry! I've discovered that the seal on the passenger door window is leaking. Is there anything in the passenger door that will lead to the rest of the system failing to work if it gets wet? the lock will open with the key but not with the c/l, and as some thieving chav has buggered my boot lock trying to break in, getting in there is a pain in the ass too. any help would be gratefully recieved Huw
  10. spew44

    my golf mk2 gti 8v project!

    what are those wheels? H
  11. You've just done to your red mk2 what i've wanted to do to mine for ages but haven't had the wedge to do..!! looks awesome..!!