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  1. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    cheers matey
  2. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    won them o0n the glorious ebay mate
  3. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    think et 40 or there abouts mate , they sit perfect anyway
  4. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    cheers matey
  5. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    Cheers dude !!
  6. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    cheers carly ! u missing the loops ??
  7. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    I might sell my little girls mate to raise the funds LOL
  8. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    Exactly that mate ! Nothings cheap
  9. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    cheers bro
  10. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    GTD front end coming soon mate
  11. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    really not sure mate , they were just off ebay , sure if you mesure the caps you have you should find something ?
  12. Ollie MK6

    The MK6

    so then !! long time no post ! thought id update the thread and see what you think made a few changes over the last month or so ... Fitted GTI cherry red rear lights Mercedes Alphards Custom built exhaust the coilovers just dont go as low as i need them too so air or new coils soon Hope you enjoy ! Thanks for looking !
  13. Ollie MK6

    Hodges' Solar Orange Audi S3.

    awsome hodge , you know this mate
  14. Ollie MK6

    My Graphite Blue Mk5 Golf

    rear camber is awsome mate , stanced to flip bro !
  15. Ollie MK6

    2012 Scirocco

    you got a link for the tailpipe trims mate ? i want a set for my mk6 golf , ta !