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  1. 9am+, I guess I may try and make this one
  2. Gremmers

    Early Edition 2017

    Day before my birthday, looking forward to this. I've had my show and shine accepted too.
  3. Gremmers

    Elsecar At The Races 9th April 2017

    Thanks Simon, I'll be there early on the Sunday.
  4. Gremmers

    Elsecar At The Races 9th April 2017

    I think you've posted up last years flyer. Anyway am I right to say that for the indoor show and shine your car has to be inside from Saturday, if only arriving on the Sunday then there is an outdoor show and shine available (well, same competition but parked up differently), no advance ticket needed for the Sunday ?
  5. Gremmers

    Edition38 Show & Shine 2016

    What time will the gates open and close on Sunday for the show and shine cars, I have a 3 hours drive ?
  6. Gremmers

    Arch Rolling in Leicester, Anyone?

    I would recommend TUK Customs in Northampton, they did my wider front arches on my Mk7 R recently - speak to Marc.
  7. Gutted, was going to debut my new project.
  8. Gremmers

    Car shows up north

    Unphased is in Longridge near Preston - you won't get much nearer Clitheroe than that. Cumbria VAG Fitted UK at Event City next to Trafford Centre, Manchester
  9. Gremmers

    Mk6 GTi / Corrado G60

    A great car and my favourite colour, just like the one I had. I have some carbon fibre trim parts for sale, please see the classifieds body parts.
  10. Gremmers

    Elsecar At The Races 2016 new venue

    Bought my ticket and show and shine place confirmed, looking forward to this now.
  11. I had 2 compressors under a false floor in my old Mk6 install and had no problems at all
  12. Gremmers

    Bonelorry's MK6 Golf R

    Nice car and a rare sight in that colour.
  13. Gremmers

    Air ride A6....the project continues.....

    Not since about last summer, I have just read the post above my earlier one, I'd be interested to know if Awesomes service has gone abit downhill as I would look to use them again myself.
  14. Gremmers

    Air ride A6....the project continues.....

    Nice looking car, wheels really suit it. I would also recommend Awesome in Manchester, they serviced my Mk6 GTI for years and I would trust that they know what they are doing with modified cars.
  15. Gremmers

    My MK6 Golf Project! Exciting times

    Swapping the rear lights is easy, if you don't know how to unbolt them then ask, I'll skip that bit. You will need some wiring adaptors, I got mine from ECS Tuning but you should be able to get them form eBay etc. Then the lights will illuminate ok but you will have a warning on the dash saying 'check bulb', you will need this coding to get rid of it. I had mine done years ago and I can't find the thread now which gave screenshots of what's needed. Someone else on here should be able to tell you what line of coding is needed.