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  1. slim.gt

    1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Great work. I have never been a fan of Monza but my lord, that is stunning!
  2. Jeez. Thats going to be scary fast..
  3. slim.gt

    Polo GT-G40

    Still looking good as ever Alex, I miss reading about this on CP. Cant believe the guy I sold my GT too broke it for parts...
  4. slim.gt

    Mk 2 Gti

    mk2 perfection. brilliant taste, you have.
  5. slim.gt

    Cope's GTI

    Absolutely stunning, your doing this so right. If your golf had feelings it would be very happy.
  6. slim.gt

    Epc light

    The EPC will be something to do with a clip above the pedals I would of thought, had the same problem when mine literally fell out. Dont quote me on it though im not a mechanic.
  7. Wow stunning car, not feeling the black centres though. Briliiant work too, a very enjoyable video.
  8. Brilliant work! Beaut of a mk5 too. At first I thought that strip underneath the grill was detailing tape, whats the deal with that?
  9. slim.gt

    The bane of my existence

    Stunning! Hope to see the new wheels find their way onto the car.