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  1. bud

    mk 1 golf stuttering.

    My old mk1 from a few yrs ago had a similar issue, it was rust/crap blocking the pickup on the sender, they should have a little filter on the end but mine was missing. West to check, sender cover under the back seat, undo the fuel lines then twist it out.
  2. bud

    mk1 caddy ahu downpipe help

    After looking at the damage last night it needs replacing as it's pretty rotten, but obviously the as I tried undoing a bolt that holds the downpipe snapped!
  3. Hi, I got a mk1 caddy that has had a ahu mk3 diesel engine fitted before I bought it. Basically the down pipe has snapped today, is this something I can mk1 or mk3? Or is a custom job? All I can find on google is a us supplier that fits but it works out quite expensive. Thanks
  4. bud

    American inspired mk1 caddy pickup

    awesome dude, looks amazing after all your hard work, now time to enjoy it
  5. bud

    American inspired mk1 caddy pickup

    Looks awesome in the pics dude
  6. I'm sure I saw this on York Road, A64 in leeds yesterday, I was in a mk1 caddy on the opposite side?
  7. bud

    American inspired mk1 caddy pickup

    Love the seats and what a bargain
  8. bud

    American inspired mk1 caddy pickup

    loving that colour and your build, looking forward to seeing more progress pics
  9. Yeah £10 a wheel is what I paid
  10. Where abouts are you? I know of a place in wakefield who did mine
  11. Thank you for the reply, I thought it would be tricky, but was worth asking. Thanks again
  12. Hi, A bit of a long shot, but I have a pair of bolt style opening/vent 1/4 windows for mk1, couple of bits short of rebuilding them. I need the top bolt hinge the parts that bolts to the glass and the lower pivot bolt part again that bolts to the glass, hoping you can help before I attempt to make them? Parts 15 20 22 23 14 16 as diagram thanks
  13. Thanks that was my thinking, surely they dont remove the fuel tank every time someone puts the wrong fuel in! There is pretty much nothing left in it now just a light coating of diesel film to the bottom of the tank and all fuel pipes will be new
  14. Hi, I have a mk1 golf that was converted from petrol to diesel and now i'm going back to petrol. My question is, I have drained as much fuel as i can and I dont really wanna drop the tank as its virtually empty looking through the sender hatch, just a few very small pools of diesel in the bottom, I know if it petrol in diesel its not as bad, but diesel in petrol is, but if i clean up what i can see and fill it completly with petrol will that be fine? Or do i really need to take it off and flush it? Thanks