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  1. Dom joy

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    I was thinking more about the stub axle issue you were having?
  2. Dom joy

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    What was the issue? Grill looks nice, good work
  3. Dom joy

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    Let me know when you find a solution.
  4. Dom joy

    Mk2 16v ground up rebuild

    I think that gold coloured seal part is for drums and not discs. Not sure if that may be your issue but the disc one is flat https://www.vwheritage.com/1h0501639-rear-axle-cover-vw-spare Not sure if this would solve the issue though EDIT: Just re-checked and its models with ABS not drums. my bad. Ignore me
  5. Dom joy

    Mk2 1.3 PD 130 conversion

    you dont hang about. nice work
  6. Dom joy

    First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    also glad to see this is staying
  7. I wish all the photos worked earlier on in this thread as im about to vr6 my mk2
  8. Dom joy

    Vw Mk2 Jetta Coupe 4motion Build.

    That looks awesome
  9. Dom joy

    Princess ANN

    Really liking the quad light grill. What size wheels are you running? I'm trying to decide on 15s or 16s for my mk2 jetta
  10. Dom joy

    Mk2 Jetta VR6 Project

    Cheers mate. i may take you up on the offer Yeah I got impatient and was on air within a week, it will slow a little from here though. I want to tidy up the niggles before getting into the engine swap. Will paint/powdercoat what is needed as well. Main decision I have to make is what size wheels..16s would let me keep my current 312mm brakes. 15s and id need a new brake setup
  11. Dom joy

    Mk2 Jetta VR6 Project

    The time had come to look for a new project. I was growing tired of my old mk3 golf but wanted to keep the engine and air ride so started looking for mk2 platform cars. Realising quickly i was priced out of golfs the condition i was after i went to look at a jetta. Its a 1.3 on 84k miles and is in very good condition bodywork and underside-wise. One from the drive home 20180611_210937 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr Then removed the roof rack sit wasn't my cup of tea. 20180613_190117 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr Started to strip the air ride off of the mk3 and with some help got the management installed into the jetta. I then got carried away and ran lines and fitted the struts. Was a long day that almost broke me...but thats what we do right? 20180620_190639 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr 20180625_185538 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr One of the headlights had broken adjusters so ordered replacements, was a fiddly job with the reproduction adjusters but looks miles better 20180626_211445 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr Plans are; Getting some 15" BBS RA wheels to roll on until winter, will be using the car as a wedding car for my wedding in Novmember. Then the Supercharged VR6 from my mk3 will be going in. Starting to gather parts atm
  12. That's still the VR lump you sold me a couple years ago, still going strong! Only around 300ish bhp this year on low boost. Next year will see gearbox work, better clutch, LSD, ARP hardware and lower compression etc to see 400ish bhp. you've done a lot to it though - chains and guides etc as well as all the breakable bits like crack pipe and water flange to make it good. hope it continues to last and makes good power buddy wish id just fitted it now instead of going down the 20vt route!! VR6 ftw
  13. That looks lovely. Cant wait to get my engine into my mk2 now. Shame photos are missing