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  1. chuck43vrs

    mk6 golf gti HELP clamp!!!!!

    ah man its not letting me add the pic!
  2. chuck43vrs

    mk6 golf gti HELP clamp!!!!!

    Hi all, really struggling to find a part number/part! its the clamp after the exhaust manifold onto the turbo. I think its called a v-band clamp? please see pic . any help much appreciated!! Regards! chuck
  3. Hi all. As topic says I'm after some figures for my touran. It's lowered (roughly 50mm I'd say) and the cambers massively out. Just had 4 wheels alignment done. They said cambers well out and to try beet some figures for them?
  4. chuck43vrs

    Anyone done a van conversion?

    It's a lwb 3.5t lt35 very common size for the kitting out plans I have on the ones I've seen
  5. chuck43vrs

    Anyone done a van conversion?

    Hi all. Just bought a s reg lwb vw lt to convert Into a camper with a garage in the back. Like a motox van type thing with beds above the garage. I'm planning on having a toilet/shower room one with removable toilet for when in shower to save space, as hob, fridge, seating that turns into another bed and some storage. The van has been started with bed frame welded in, and polystyrene in panel gaps as insulation. The van came with loads: Thick ply for the bed, thinner ply for the walls and some furniture wood to make cabinets etc, trim for the cabinets, therme water heater, lots of twin core wire, 12v led downlights, few switches, a inverter, a thing that looks like a fuse box (consumer unit is it?) a mains hook up in a box that I guess fits on the outside of the van to connect to site electricity or generator, roof window vents, hob and sink combo, and more that I've probably forgotten. What are the best first steps to get underway? I've ordered some bubble insulation that I'm going to line the inside with to help with condensation and insulation. I was going to ply line the whole van and carpet the camper section and chequer plate the garage section, then cut in the roof window vents and lights etc then start with making some units for the kitchen and seats. Or should I install the roof vents first and then lights and sockets etc as I line it and then carpet it. Any help would be very much appreciate it..
  6. chuck43vrs

    vr6 (AAA) valve seals

    Hi all, looking at doing the valve seals on my mk2 vr6 with a AAA engine in it. Have tools to do it in situ. any tips or guides anywhere? Thanks
  7. chuck43vrs

    05 plate touran passenger door

    nice cheers
  8. chuck43vrs

    05 plate touran passenger door

    Hi guys, my 05 plate 2.0 tdi sport touran doesn't seem to lock rear passenger drivers side door. All the other locks work as they should. The hazards also don't flash as its not locking. Ive tried locking it with the button in the door card too and its still same outcome. Has anyone got any experience with this before i get it checked out? Thanks charlie
  9. chuck43vrs

    Newbie mk2 golf vr6 owner

    Thanks for replies people!!
  10. chuck43vrs

    Newbie mk2 golf vr6 owner

    Hi all, just became a mk2 vr owner. It's in a j reg 5 door driver I have a few Questions. 1) Its my understanding that pre-92 reg there is no need to run a cat. The guy who did the conversion has put a sports cat on it. is this because the engine is newer than 92? Basically im wondering if i can de-cat it? Also what back boxes do people run? Its to quiet for me just rolling down the road (obviously sings when hard on it) but i'm also after that lovely V engine bubble sound just running down the road. I have a J reg 5 door Driver with MK3 VR6 conversion. has 6 branch manifold. not sure where back box is from but it looks very standard. 2) Do people run shallow sumps on these as mine looks quite close to floor it is lowered on koni fully adjustable but would say its mega low. iF so do you need to change the pick up or is it just bolt on a shallow sump? 3) What are the service intervals on a early mk3 VR6 engine? 4) have few crack noises from steering when manoeuvring. Dont hear them when driving down the road, but do when parking. 5) It has Banded Passat Winters in white on it at the min, who wants to buy them (not my cup of tea) 6) What induction kits do people run? Mine came from doner car but is old and minging. 7) what nice mods do people do? I'm sure there is more question i was going to ask but i cant remember right now haha sorry for the mass of questions thanks
  11. chuck43vrs

    Et30 Schmidt modern lines?

    Ah ok. Thanks for your input.
  12. chuck43vrs

    Et30 Schmidt modern lines?

    Hi all. Looking at these on eBay. Bloke says last owner said were et30 but said there is no et stamp anywhere? Would this be the case or should I stay clear? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221460555479
  13. chuck43vrs

    Quick help please

    all sorted thanks for help. Ive managed to repair my original stalk so put that back in so now have one lying around if anyone wants it? Also if anyone wants me too look at theirs i will (pm me) thanks
  14. chuck43vrs

    Anyone know what these are?

    in the end used a empty relay location for switched live so all in and working as should