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  1. sharki

    MK3 VR6 fans not working

    Thanks for that info. I dont have ac i wish i did. It turned out to be a blown fuse in the fan control mod.
  2. sharki

    MK3 VR6 fans not working

    Id love to know this as im in the same boat. My fans aint kicking in. When i turn the ignition on i can hear a whining noise but not too sure if its the aux pump but seems to be comming from the inlet area.
  3. What about autobrite purple rain @ iron X?
  4. sharki

    Charged mk3 8v

    Sweet ride dude
  5. sharki

    Where to get braided hoses to fit brembos

    i rang gsf about 2-3 months ago about these for my mk3 gti and they said that they didnt do them?
  6. sharki

    Split Rim - Split and Rebuild?

    i got my rx2's done from him and mine were totaly f*cked he charged me £65 per wheel and took just over a week to do mine and he also split mine and polished the bolts too
  7. sharki

    Alpine white mk2 VRT

    youve done a realy good job there mate (ENVY YOU BUD!!) JOKES lol is that a part of the nos kit (the braided pipe doing into the intake, coming from a regulator)? this will be a crazy beast. cant wait to see this finished!!!
  8. sharki

    felix's estate vrs

    like!!! LOOKS SHEXY